And the Oscar goes to…

Hola everyone.

Oh what a night it was. At least for me. Trying my best to stay awake through all of the glamour and good music and of course and most importantly good movies. And yes, I’m talking about the Oscar night of 2017.


For me, as the movie fanatic I am, the Oscars are an event I always look forward to every single year. And this year my heart was pounding for La La Land. And Emma Stone, of course. I mean, I guess I’m not the one to say that La La Land is the best movie, because sadly I haven’t seen any of the others – which I will – but now that they one the awards for best music and best production design for example, which the movie completely nailed, to be honest,  I think they deserve those six awards, seriously. And of course Emma Stone as best actress – she’s mind-blowing.


Also, Moonlight winning the Oscar for best picture didn’t really surprise me. I mean, the mistake and mishap was really awkward, even for me sitting at home in front of my TV. Especially because I was so happy for La La Land to win and all of them had their Oscars and had done their acceptance speech and suddenly everything broke down and I was actually really really sad for them. But on the other side I had thought that Moonlight would win. I mean, the topic is super important right now and it’s also some kind of indie underdog movie, so it was kind of clear to me.


Apart from that I think that the whole show went down pretty well. Looking back at last year, I think the show of 2016 was a little bit better, more funny and there was just more happiness in the room. But I guess it’s normal that nothing can be how it was a few months ago and we all know why.


But let’s focus on the positive side. There were a lot of great actors, great speeches, amazing musical acts (props to John Legend) and great movies that got the attention they deserved. And of course great outfits. Oh my god, did you see Emma? That dress and just everything, she looked so stunning. Like she just stepped out of a 20s or 30s movie and in my opinion nothing suits her better than a little bit of nostalgia. And of course Ryan complemented her perfectly in his tuxedo with the ruffled shirt – and looking at other opinions, I guess I’m one of those people who actually liked that outfit. And besides that, nearly everyone rocked the red carpet. I like how the trend definitely goes to effortless, simple dresses, with a little bit of bling or gold there and then. Perfect for the Oscars, I think.


So overall I’d say it was an amazing evening or night and with that little mishap at the end, definitely one that will go down in history. For me, this night means that I have a lot of hours to spend in the cinema, because I seriously need to update myself on all the movies I’ve missed out on.


Did any of you watch the show too? Or did you just read about it? Who was your favorite look? Please don’t hesitate to chat a little bit, I’d be really happy to hear from some of you. And what’s a better topic than the Oscars, right? And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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