Oh My My – album review

Hola everyone.

It looks like October is the month of good music. And amazing album releases. And OneRepublic are the ones who couldn’t have started it any better. Their new album “Oh My My” just got released on Friday and oh my my, it’s pure perfection. And of course I already listened to all of the songs and one song is better than the other one. And of course I have to talk about it, what else?


The album starts with a song called ” Let’s Hurt Tonight”, a totally heartbreaking ballade about love and hurt, with the typical OneRepublic sound and Ryan Tedders breathtaking voice. Goosebumps guaranteed. It continues with amazing pop sounds, some more on the ballade-side, some more on the synthetic side, which is surprisingly new for this band and a really cool addition to the common sound. Besides that, the LP also features three collabs with, Cassius on the name giving tune “Oh My My”, Peter Gabriel and Santigold.


To be honest, the album consists of 20 heavily good songs and none sounds like another one. And that’s not easy, seriously. Every single song is a surprise on it’s own, you can never know what to expect. Besides hearing another amazing tune. Most importantly, once again, Ryan Tedder shows why he is where he is now. It’s no wonder that people in the music industry call him one of the best writers right now. Because he seriously is. And also the band shows that they have never been better.


For me, the song called “Better” is the highlight of the album. And I would say that it’s the biggest surprise of the whole LP, mostly because of Ryans amazing rap parts and the super catchy beat that you just can’t resist. No way. Here’s the link if you want to check it out – youtube.com.


Personally, I can only recommend you guys to buy or listen to the album, you won’t regret it, I swear. And although I have already seen them two times, I can’t wait for the dates of the upcoming tour, I really really really want to see them again. Especially now that I know which songs I’ll be able to hear live. I’m already so damn excited.


If any of you guys have already listened to the album or like the band as much as me, I’d be happy to chat with you. Oh and you can expect to hear more about music this month, as  both, Two Door Cinema Club and Kings Of Leon are releasing their new albums in the next two weeks. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post, and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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