Hola everyone.

I’m baaaaack. Finally. And I can tell you, my trip was fantastic. Brighton is such a beautiful, magnificent city. With all the cute, colorful building, the pier, the sea, the lanes and of course the beach. I loved it, honestly. And I think my mum did too, although she’s more of a beach with palm trees, sand and peace. But Brighton is more like the pebble beach, a lot of people and no trees at all beach. But to be honest, I still loved it.


I especially loved the lanes there, those are the cute little shopping streets, full of vintage shops and special ones too, and of course the colorful houses. But most of all I liked how much the whole city reminded me of my faves. Like, as some of you may know, Brighton is Conors hometown, so wherever I went, I always had the thought of him walking at the same place in the back of my head. We even went to visit the venue Conor had his first concert in, a place called “The Haunt”. It meant so much to be to be there.


And apart from that, it’s also the city of Pewdiepie, Marzia and Zoella and so many more YouTubers. Which is so so so crazy. I always asked myself why they all chose to live there, but now I get it. It’s really beautiful and special. Mum and me went to a painting pottery cafe which I remembered from one of Marzias vlogs. And I have to say, it was really really cool. I chose to paint one heart and draw Brighton on it and many more (I’ll show it to you in my upcoming haul post, so stay tuned). And it came out even more beautiful afterwards than it was when I left it there to be finished by the staff there. I think this was one of those experiences that are really special, mainly because I know that I won’t be able to find such a cafe anywhere else that quick. And whenever I look at the heart on my wall, I’ll remember that trip and how amazing it was.


Unfortunately I didn’t meet anyone, but just knowing that Pewds was in the same city as me at the same time was unbelievable. We even walked past the street his house is supposed to be – we didn’t walk up to be because that would be super weird and oh my god, hell no – and I have to say he chose a really nice place, right next to the beach. So thumps up for that one.


Besides the buildings and the beach and the shopping streets, I also think that the food there was amazing. Like, usually people say that English people can’t cook  but oh my is that wrong. Especially for my mum it was really nice to go out for dinner, as there were a lot of restaurants with vegan dishes, which was perfect for her. And I basically found my favorite meal there. One evening we were looking for a nie place to have dinner in and walked past some restaurant called “Wagamama” and I somehow knew it from somewhere, I don’t know from where until this day, but okay. And we looked at the menu and I saw that they had ramen which I had always wanted to try, so we chose to eat there. And oh my god, as I had my first sip, I flew to heaven. Food heaven. Holy moly, was that amazing. Although ramen is just a noodle soup, but it was soooo amazing. I loved it that much that we chose to go there the next evening too. So yeah, thanks to Wagamama introducing me to this delicious meal. THANK YOU.


Oh and I have to say, Brighton is one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been to, for real. Like, every pic I took looks fantastic. And that’s all thanks to the city. And of course I’ll show them to you too, that’s the purpose of this post. And as I don’t have anything else to tell you, I’ll just end this post by hoping that you enjoyed this post and the pics and by thanking you for staying with me and welcoming me back. And if any of you want to talk to me, I’m here. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x


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