Hola everyone.

I know what you’re thinking. A few days ago I told you that I had come back to stay and now I can’t even stick to my plan of posting every Monday and Friday. I’m sooooo sorry to let you down guys, seriously. My mum and me are still strolling through the streets of Copenhagen (and having the time of our lives, to be honest) and I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and write something nice for you.


And now I’m sitting here at 2 am at night being all sorry about letting you down and being such a lazy ass. Buuuut I promise you I’ll make it up to you, really. And I’m talking about a huuuuge gallery full of pics of Copenhagen, which I absolutely love, by the way, and a really long description of everything I saw and everything that happened. Oh and just to get you photo-lovers excited, Copenhagen is seriously one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been to.


So, I hope that you’re not too disappointed in me and still looking forward to Monday as much as I am. And until then, I hope you can forgive me and, as always, thanks for reading – and understanding. x

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