The best job EVER

Hola everyone.

I’m a college student. That means I have to pay for books, food and the adventures students go on (coffee and cinema). Of course my parents give me money if I need it, but to be honest, it’s still a good feeling to earn at least a little bit of cash yourself. So as soon as I started uni, I looked out for a cool job. And I found it.


I literally found the best job ever, which is so perfect for me, that I can’t even describe it. I know I know, I should finally tell you what my job is and not just talk around it. So, I got a job at the concert venue in my university city and also the most important concert venue in the whole country. You probably know by now that I’m completely obsessed with going to concerts. And this job combines it perfectly. Live music and money AND of course a lot of fun.


The people I work with are all so down to earth and nice and funny and mostly as young as me, it’s basically a typical student job. But the most important part is that as soon as all the visitors are inside the concert hall, we get to attend the concert as well. Of course not the whole time and not like other attendees – we can stand at the entrance, but no screaming or singing or clapping – but we always have breaks and who would I be if I didn’t rush into the venue as soon as I can? Not myself, that’s for sure.


I don’t get paid a lot of money, but I can go to the cinema and have a nice evening with some chai latte and cake with it and that’s all I need. And I can see bands live and go to concerts for free if I work at them and that’s more than I ever wished for when I applied for the job. When my co-workers first told me that I literally could go inside the venue and attend the concert, I nearly fainted due to the huge amount of excitement and happiness.


I remember two months ago I saw Sunrise Avenue and just this week I got to see Muse (such an amazing band with the coolest show ever – there were drones, DRONES) and 5 Seconds of Summer (again). I love how happy everyone is because, like, who wouldn’t be happy when they are going to a concert?


So yeah, it’s literally the coolest job ever and so damn perfect for me. That’s why I never want to “loose” it, because I can go to concerts, get some money and I can work whenever I have the time, it’s so relaxing. And the bosses and co-workers are so nice and cool, I literally never want to leave. Oh and did I tell you that I get to go backstage too? Just saying.


If any of you have got a cool student job like me or want to talk about anything and everything, I’m here. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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