Please Like Me

Hola everyone.

No, this post won’t be about me begging you guys to like me – which I hope you do. Today I’ll be talking about a tv series I finished lately called – you guessed it – “Please Like Me”. And I loved it so much that I thought I’d introduce it to you.


To be honest, I can’t even exactly tell you what the show is about without spoiling some parts of the plot, but I’ll try my best:

“Please Like Me” is about the life of Josh – a 20-year-old guy – who discovers that he’s gay right at the beginning of the first episode due to the fact that his girlfriend tells him and breaks up. After that shocker he finds out that his mum tried to kill herself and he now has to help her and his family deal with her depression. And let’s not forget his dad who divorced from Josh’s mum and now hides his girlfriend from her.All while exploring his new found sexuality, hooking up with hot boys and living in an apartment together with his best friend Tom and his annoying girlfriend who wouldn’t just leave. Oh and his absolutely adorable dog John.


So yeah, that’s pretty much it. But let me tell you, we just touched the surface of the show and there’s so much more to it. I found the show on Netflix and just got curious, so I tried it out. I wasn’t really prepared to find such a cute, brutally honest, comedic tv series. Actually it’s an Australian comedy drama series and when you get to the very end of the show you slowly realize why it’s described as a drama too. But I don’t want to spoil anything. I guess you just have to find out yourself.


Overall I would describe the show as a vacation for the mind. Every little episode just brings joy, despite the drama aspect. What I loved about it the most is the style and the humor of the show and how it deals with aspects like homosexuality, mental illness, and relationships. It’s brutally honest. It doesn’t try to hide anything or make it look like there’s beauty in suicide or breakups, because there simply isn’t. And that’s what makes it so special. And apart from that the humor is seriously the best. Honestly, all the characters are quite insane. Like, who let’s his girlfriend wait in the car for hours just because he doesn’t want his ex-wife to know? How weird is that? And you sit there and all of these strange situations happen and you watch it and think “oh my god, how is this really happening? They are crazy, completely crazy”. And then you just have to laugh. Because it’s so weird and awkward and honest that it becomes funny. I’d describe it as some kind of British humor, again really honest and weird, but still amazing. And let’s be honest, the acting is mind-blowing. The characters just seem so real, they feel like real people. Which they are. Personally, I’d say that this show is better at dealing with and talking about suicide and mental illness than 13 Reasons Why, which just turns the fault to all the other characters. I’ve never seen a show as real as Please Like Me.



And actually the series is mostly written by Josh Thomas, who plays Josh. He’s an Australian comedian and with that show, I think he created a total masterpiece. For me, this show was an emotional rollercoaster and I enjoyed it so much, I was really sad that it had to end. So I can just really recommend it to any of you guys, please give it a go. And don’t hesitate to ask me about it. And if you watch it or already have seen it, I’d be superhappy to hear from you. And until then I hope you enjoyed this post and wish you all an amazing week. And, as always, thanks for reading. x

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