Happy Mother’s Day

Hola everyone.

As you probably all know, yesterday we passed another Mother’s Day. And at least for me, that day is the perfect moment to thank my mum for everything she does and for the mother she is.


And I thought, why not tell you guys a little bit more about the most amazing woman I know? I know, we all say that about our mums and I think that’s exactly the way it should be. But I know that I’ll never get to meet a woman who can beat my mum went it comes to awesomeness.


So, as you can probably guess by now, my mum and I have a pretty good relationship. That means, that she’s not simply my mum, she’s also my best friend. Mostly because I can tell her everything, I can talk to her about everything, she’s always there for me and she can like turn off the “I’m being a mother”-system and just be a friend. Besides that we do a lot of things together, we travel every year, just me and her, we go to concerts and to festivals and go on adventures. And it’s always a huuuuuuge amount of fun. And I’m just able to collect a lot of good and exciting memories that make me smile every time I think back to those special trips and moments.


Apart from that I’m like the younger version of my mum. Seriously. She could call me “Mini-Me” any time. And it would be true. I think that’s because we are this close and I just kind of pulled her into my world and she did the same to me. That’s the reason why the protection of animals and food and nutrition for example are important parts in my life. And vice versa clothing and styles and trends and popular bands are topics that my mum is interested in. We influence each other. And it makes me very very happy.


So yeah, that’s my mum. Sometimes we argue, but that never lasts long. And one second later we are best friends again and function like one whole being. I know that I’m getting older and the day will come when I have to move out and go my own way without going home again after a few days. But I know that we will work everything out. Because we just fit each other perfectly and because we always worked everything out.


I’m just really really proud that my mother is such a great and amazing person and a role model for me. My goal is to be the mother to my children when I’m older that my mum is to me now. Because she raised me and I think she did a pretty good job.


At the end I really just want to thank her. For everything she does. For all the dreams and wishes she fulfills for me. For all the things she supports me in and helps me with. For the best friend she is to me. And for the mum and women she is. I would never change anything. And I will always be thankful and always love her. Until my last day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I again want to thank my mum and all the mothers on earth who work their asses off everyday. You are amazing. Thank you. And thank you guys for reading. Happy late Mother’s Day. x


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