My babies

Hola everyone.

I just got home from my week at college – I stay in my dorm over the week and come home every weekend – and literally had the best welcome ever by my two babies Molly and Peaches. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure of what to blog about today, so I asked my mum for help and she suggested telling you guys about our two pets. First I thought it might be a lil bit too corny, but she’s right, because I love them so much and they truly deserve a post that is solely dedicated to them. So, here we go.



Molly is the oldie, when it comes to being part of this family. We got her when she was just a little cut puppy, small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. And god, was and is she cute. Usually, chihuahuas are said to be loud and bitter and also a little bit bitchy, but Molly is the complete opposite. She was always a really calm dog and full of love. I can tell you, I fell in love with her the second I saw her.

Today she’s 10 and still the same dog she was when we got her. Still calm, loving and a total cutie. She always freaks out and jumps around happily whenever someone of the family comes home, she even does that with the cat, whereas you’d think they don’t like each other, but they actually do.

I really can’t wait to spend even more years together with Molly, because she was always there for me and listened to me when I needed her and I will never stop loving her like crazy. I would never want to have another dog than her.




Peaches is literally the baby of the family. We got her two years ago, which feel like 10 to be honest, out of a big urge of wanting to have a cat that my mum and me shared. And today I can’t even imagine my life without her, as me and her have a really special connection, I really feel liker her mother when we are together and when she follows me around the house. Every week, my mum tells me that Peaches is always depressed when I’m away and keeps looking for me, so that pretty much confirms our bond.

I don’t even know where to start describing her. Sometimes she’s completely nuts and runs around like an insane chicken and then suddenly she’s all cutiepatootie again and wants to cuddle. Watching her feels like watching a completely crazy movie that is actually really interesting. But besides that, her cutest character trait is that, because we took her with us when she was still very young, she still sucks on her toes (and sometimes my stuffed toy cat) like a baby. And she does that until she falls asleep. It’s extremely cute, I can tell you. To be honest, I don’t think that we could have gotten any cat that fits more perfectly into our family then her. She’s the baby and she will always be.



So yeah, there they are, my two babies. I could never live without them anymore and I can’t wait to cuddle with them again in a few minutes. If any of you have pets too and want to share some love or pics or anything with me or just wan to talk, I’m here. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x

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