Hola everyone.

Just to warn you, the next two days are going to be one of the most exciting days of the year for me and I won’t be able to talk about anything else for the next few posts. Why, you’re asking? Well, because Ed freaking Sheeran is in the city and will be blessing my existence with his voice the upcoming two evenings. I can’t wait. To say that I’m already at the edge of my seat would be such an understatement. Also, I’m grinning like a maniac since waking up today. But hey, that’s what happens when you’ve been waiting for those few special hours for longer than a year and can now already see them lurking around the corner.


So yeah, that’s happening this week. I already can’t wait to tell you all about the two concerts on Friday. God, I’m so excited. And now that I’ve got a few, and in my opinion far too many hours of waiting to get past, I thought I’d honor this week and – at least for me – the most amazing singer with a short playlist of my favorite songs. Just kidding, it’s probably going to be far too long, because it’s Ed and I can’t decide. But, let’s just get right to it, shall we?


I See Fire

I don’t really have that much of explaining to do, right? I mean, I love the Hobbit series and I love Ed and then those two things got combined and I couldn’t help myself but love this song forever and ever. I still remember this one being the last song he played at the first concert I saw him – in Vienna, in front of maybe 3.000 people, in 2014. Those were the times, guys, I’m telling you. Certainly one night I’ll never ever forget.


I’m A Mess

To be honest, picking out my favorite Ed songs is pretty hard, but one aspect about this is easier than anything else – picking my absolute favorite. Which is this one, right here. Not to be dramatic or anything, but this is probably the one song that I’ve listened to the most in my entire life. I can’t even really tell you why I love it so much. It just fills me with so much power and happiness and excitement. I remember listening and singing to this song in my car in the early morning hours on my way to school and it always gave me some kind strength, especially in the prospect of an exam. So yeah, this is my ultimate love and I already can’t wait to hear it live again.


How Would You Feel (Paean)

Yes, I know, I’ve already talked quite a lot about this special track right here, but it just needs to be said over and over again. I love this song with all of my heart and, yes, it will be my wedding song (don’t @ me). I think it’s just such a cute, loving song with also a kind of romantic, but shy vibe to it, and that’s exactly what I love so much about it. You can really hear that Ed was high in the clouds and over the top in love with Cherry when he produced this album. And, I mean, how freaking cute is that?


Kiss Me

In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated songs by Ed. I mean, I know that many people actually count this one as one of their faves, but I guess when people think of Ed, they automatically think of Castle On The Hill or Shape of You or Sing or A Team, when in my view, they should also be thinking about this one. It’s such a simple, but soothing song in the cutest way possible. Also, please do really click on the video right here and listen to his voice. How can someone sound that good live? Oh my god.


You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

Well, what should I tell you? This song just kicks ass, no joke. I mean, have you ever had the chance to hear it live? Because for the live version, this fantastic four minute song turns into ten or even twelve minute long heaven and it basically leaves me speechless every single time I watch it on YouTube or, preferably, actually get to hear it live. So much talent packed into one small human being. That’s just so crazy. Also, the line “they say I’m up and coming like I’m fucking in an elevator” is pure gold. (ps: if you’re watching the video down below, it’s the first song right at the beginning. So you can listen to the full concert, but of course don’t have to. I would still recommend watching the whole thing, of course.)


Tenerife Sea

When I think back to Multiply, I would say that besides I’m A Mess, this has to be my other fave. It’s such a truly beautiful song and a real blessing for your ears, especially in the live version. I remember seeing this video for the very first time and actually tearing up because I got so emotional watching Ed sing his heart out and the fans at Wembley admire him with heart eyes. And if you’ve been following my posts in the past, you’ll probably already know this one, because this just needs to be shared with the whole wide world. Everyone has to experience this breathtaking talent.


So, guys, I think I’ve got it. I think these are my favorite songs by Ed. Which is such a huge lie, but putting like 30 songs on this list would be a bit too much, wouldn’t it? But yeah, let’s say those are my tops. And I love every single one with all of my heart and I hope you enjoy them just as much.


Like I said, I’m more than excited for the next two days and so damn hyped. God, I can’t wait to finally see Ed live again, it’s been far too long. I actually can’t really believe this is really happening. I’m probably going to cry my eyes out, scream like never before, jump around like crazy and grin from one ear to the other during the whole concert and long after it ended. This is pure happiness guys, this is my heaven. And I’m so happy that I actually get to share it all with you. So yeah, I guess I’ll see/hear you again on Friday. And until then, I wish you all a great week and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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