My Week at Nova Rock

Hola everyone.

You’re not going to believe it, but the day has come. Today I’m finally telling you all about my week at the Nova Rock festival. And I know, it literally took me ages to write this, but now it’s here and I’m more than excited for you to read this. Let’s go.


So, first of all, I have to say it was freaking awesome and I loved every single second of it and I want to go back. Like, right now. Please? Can we please go now? I need it in my life. It was so so so cool to work at a festival and not just attend it. Can you imagine being handed one of those “all access”-passes that casually has your name written on it. I nearly fainted. I mean, I literally took a step into the world I want to spend the rest of my life in. And even though the music wasn’t really my type all the time as it was a rock festival with quite some metal bands being part of the linup, I still had a grin on my face 24/7. I just felt so alive. Like the first time when you eat Nutella. It just changes everything. What you feel, what you think, what you want. Everything. And that’s exactly what this week did to me. I now know my path in life and I can’t wait to wander along it.


But let’s go a bit deeper, shall we? So, as I already mentioned, I got to work at the festival for a whole week, from Monday to the next Monday. The actual festival went from Thursday to Sunday, so needless to say that those were the most fun days. The first few days I basically just helped with the organizing and the set up, walked around the area and worked with some TV crews, by which I mean that I gave them a little tour of the whole area. And from the first day on everyone was just so freaking nice and welcoming to me. The TV crews joked around with me, the team and I always went to lunch together, we chatted and laughed and I felt so happy and comfortable and just overall like the luckiest girl ever.


During Wednesday night the first bands started arriving  and then on Thursday I literally had the best day ever. In the morning I again did a little tour with a TV crew and could even stay with them during their interview with a band. Guys, there was a moment when I was seriously sitting in a freaking tour bus. An official tour bus, with the band, their manager and the crew in it. And me. How crazy is that? But that’s not everything. When I got out of the bus and walked around the corner 2/5 of the band Kraftklub, one of my favorite bands, walked past me. I couldn’t believe it. I was literally starstruck and couldn’t believe my luck. But little did I know that they would walk past me again just an hour later, but this time completed with a little pause and direct eye contact with them. I must have looked like such a damn freak, with my eyes wide open and that crazy, admiring look I always have when I look at one of my faves. Oh well. I guess I need to work on my coolness when it comes to meeting bands. For future references, you know. After that moment the day was officially the best one and couldn’t be topped, because I started to grin and that smile never left my face.


Later that day I met up with my friend who was attending the festival too. Guys, owning that kind of pass is like the coolest thing ever. I felt so damn cool. I even got to watch a few bands from the stage. And I really mean from the stage, because I was literally standing right around the corner on the stage, with the crew and everything. So unbelievable. And then I even had the chance to attend the Kraftklub concert which was so freaking amazing. They’re such a fantastic band and seriously never fail to amaze me.


The remaining days I basically walked around the festival, watched some bands, met up with my friends and helped my team and the other coworkers.  I even got to take some pictures for the official Instagram page. And guys, the whole week was literally so much fun. Seriously. I felt so grateful for the chance to work there and still am flabbergasted that that seriously happened. Because for the first time I was truly a part of the community I’ve always dreamed about and want to spend the rest of my life in. And that just meant and still means so freaking much to me. It was like the last little nudge I needed to fully know that this is where I’m meant to be. This is where I belong. Surrounded by music and people who all share the same passion for it. And I couldn’t be happier about that.



So yeah guys, there you go. That’s my week at Nova and basically one of the coolest weeks ever. I hope you enjoy reading all about it. Oh and I hope you’re all doing great and that so far your weeks has been just as good. I’m actually in the best mood ever as I’m currently sat in my garden at home, with Martijn playing in the background and the fact in mind that I’m going to see this cutie again in just a few hours. I seriously can’t wait to jump around again to these songs. God, I’m so excited. I’ll of course tell you all about it. So yeah, that’s my upcoming weekend. As always I also wish you an amazing weekend. And, of course, thanks for reading. x

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