A Life to Remember

Hola everyone.

You guys can probably guess by looking at the title picture… Today’s post is going to a be a bit different than my others, but I think that this is the right thing to do and I just really want to share this.


So, three days ago we lost one of the best musicians and biggest names in music out there – Tim Bergling aka Avicii. And while typing this, reading it, black on white, I’m still unable to fully process it. This has to be a very very bad dream, surely…


I actually got the notification from a friend. Just these four words: Laura. Avicii is dead. And suddenly everything fell silent. She also sent me a link to a Variety article about it, but it sent me over to one of these pages where they just throw ads over ads at you, the ones that scream virus. And there was this small piece of hope inside me that thought “oh my god, that surely has to be a fake, that page doesn’t even work”. And then I looked at Twitter and there it was. His name. Right at the top of the trending topics list. And from that moment on I just stood there, looking out of the window and searching the internet for the truth. I looked at postings after postings from the EDM world telling the world and Tim’s family their condolences. Martijn, David Guetta, The Chainsmokers and so many more. And I just stood there with nothing to say. Eventually the tears started rolling down my face and I just let them. I was so hurt


And I know that it’s a bit weird to feel that broken because a musician died that I never knew personally. I understand why people would think it’s weird, as he probably was just another DJ for many. But I don’t just listen to music. I always create a bond between the musician or band and myself. And Tim wasn’t any different.


Tickets to his concert were the birthday present for my 18th birthday. He was the first headliner I saw at my very first festival (Sziget). I listened to his albums over and over again, while studying, reading, doing maths, whatever. As soon as I tiptoed into the EDM world, I fell completely in love with him and his music. He eventually became a huge part of the soundtrack to my life. He was the one who got me into this amazing, unbelievably fantastic music genre. Without him I would have probably never got to know Martijn. I have so much to thank him for and now I’ll never be able to show that, express that to him and it’s making me so so sad.


I still remember his show at Sziget like it was yesterday. I remember waiting for hours at the same spot, just so we could see him and have a good view. Just so we could enjoy his show to its fullest. And I still remember how happy he looked and what he said at the end of the show. He thanked us for being there and said that coming here, he didn’t really know what to expect but that this was one of the best shows ever and that he’s so happy. And that made me so happy. I felt so special to be able to experience that. He decided to quit touring and go on a hiatus shortly after that, but I would have never thought that this show should be my last time of seeing him. But I’m so so so freaking happy that I got to see him those two times, I can’t even describe it. His shows were literally the biggest and best parties ever. I’m just really sorry that we’ll never be able to hear and see more from him. It breaks my heart to see someone so special go at such a young age. Someone who still had pretty much their whole life waiting for them.


Right now I’m sitting at home, wrapped in a big blanket, listening to his songs and writing this while tears are rolling down my cheeks. But that’s how Tim will live on forever – because of and through his music. So many people adored him because of his ability of creating such amazing pieces of music and that love for his music will live on. He never failed to amaze the world and even though he’s gone, he still hasn’t left fully. He never will.


To put this to an end, I want to use my blog as a platform and way of thanking Avicii for everything he’s done:

Tim, I don’t really know how to put it into words. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. You were the one that got me into EDM and the one who brought me into this world of music and I will forever be grateful for that. You will forever be a part of the playlist of my life and I will forever keep you in my heart. I will miss you. Like crazy.

“One day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.”
Tim Bergling – Avicii (1989/2018)

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