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Hola everyone.

I hope you’re all doing good. Holy moly, I have so much to tell you, I don’t even know where to start. So, I think I’ll just start with the most exciting part – the fact that Avengers Infinity War is finally out and that I already saw it the day it came out and that it freaking blew me away.


So yeah, as you can see, it indeed was an experience. I just don’t know whether I enjoyed or just endured it. First of all I have to say that I waited for this movie to come out for months, seriously. Me and my friend hyped each other up every single day just to make the wait a little less painful. And then the day finally came. We had already bought the tickets one month prior to the screening and of course, it was completely sold out. We chose to watch it in IMAX as this is literally the format the movie was made for. And that’s true guys. I’ve never seen such a phenomenal quality. I mean, the movie mostly plays in space, somewhere on crazy, fascinating planets and there’s literally a racoon, Rocket, and everything still looks so real. This movie really is the peak of the Marvel movies, no joke. It doesn’t get more epic than that. At least when it comes to the movie itself.


Looking at the story and what happens throughout the movie, I’m not quite sure if I enjoyed those two and a half hours. It was more like watching your fan world fall apart. But I’ll of course keep all the information for me, Thanos demands my silence. But I can just tell you, that the movie seriously is something else. And, another unpopular opinion, I think that Thanos is a good villain. The best, to be honest. Because he doesn’t act out of pure joy or fun. He really thinks that what he’s doing is for a greater good and he truly believes in it. And I mean, he’s pretty much a total idiot, but at some point during the movie I really understood him. I understood the meaning of his doing. I mean, I don’t like what he’s doing or has done, but I get it. And that’s all I’m going to say for now. But please guys, go and watch this movie. It’s freaking fantastic and I love this whole universe with all of my heart.


Okay, so, that was that part. It probably won’t surprise you that I watched another movie in the last week, besides Infinity War. Another amazing movie called Stronger. Here’s a little description I found on Rotten Tomatoes:

STRONGER is the inspirational and heroic true-life story of Jeff Bauman (Jake Gyllenhaal), the man whose iconic photo from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing captured the hearts of the world.


So yeah, that pretty much says it all. For me, the movie was a whole different experience. It made me sad and happy and angry all at once. And I’m not sure whether that was intended or not, but the movie really made me think. About society and the USA. I mean, this guy lost both of his legs and the world around him acts like he’s a hero and nobody sees behind that and notices that Jeff is falling into a dark hole, right into depression. At some point he doesn’t even care if he dies and all his mum and the rest of his family is interested in is when he’s finally going to do that interview with Oprah. I mean, how superficial and stupid is that? But that’s society and it’s so so sad. I can really just recommend this one to any of you who are interested in movies like this one. It’s really really good. And Jake Gyllenhaal is freaking fantastic, please finally give this guy his Oscar.


And last but not least, here are the most important music news of the past week. Nothing But Thieves have released two new cover songs to celebrate record store day. And holy moly guys, I was literally speechless when I listened to them, especially their cover of Crazy be Cee Lo Green. You all probably know the original version, it’s a classic, but I have to say, I honestly can’t stand it. I really can’t. But it seems like NBT made it their mission to change that. And god, I would’ve never thought that it was possible, but they seriously made it possible. I couldn’t believe my ears when I first listened to it. It’s basically one of the most epic songs I’ve ever heard and I want it to be the end credits song for Infinity War. God, that would be so amazing. And their other cover is freaking awesome too. I just love Conor’s voice so much. What an amazing band, wow. But hey, hear for yourself.



So yeah guys, there you are. Those are all the news I have for you, at least the most important ones. I hope you enjoy them. Oh, and please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below. And yeah, again, I hope you’re all doing good and wish you an amazing week. And, as always, thanks for reading. x

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