We are all mad here

Hola everyone.

Today I want to talk about another amazing tv show I’ve fallen in love with the past month. Bates Motel. Some of you may probably know it already, as I think there was quite a big hype about it when it came out first. To make it short first, the series is totally fascinating and you need to give it a go.


So, what is it about?

Does the movie title Psycho remind you of something? Exactly, it’s this classic, groundbreaking horror/thriller movie by Hitchcock. And Bates Motel is just like that, because it tells the story of how the psycho became the psycho. The one that kills his quests in his hotel. Mad, I know. The story begins with the death of Norman Bates – the psycho guy – father. Shortly after this his mum Norma (yes, really, Norman and Norma) decides to move to another city with him, White Pine Bay in Arizona, and buys a motel and a house for them. That’s why it’s called Bates Motel. After this the series basically continues to represent the madness of both Norman and his mum and their really, really strange relationship, which is quite freaky sometimes. And definitely not normal. People are going missing, guys are being killed and thrown into a lake and let’s not forget that the city lives off the sales of it’s own “secret” marihuana field. Crazy people in a crazy city. The perfect conditions for pure chaos.


I can’t really tell you why I started watching this show. I knew the name and saw it on Netflix and just basically gave it a go. I watched the first episode and it was clear to me that I would be binge watching this show throughout the summer. And the best part is that my parents enjoy it too, so we’re all deep in the mad story of Norma and Norman and we all love it. I especially, as I’m a huge fan of creepy stories. No wonder as I also watched every single season of American Horror Story.


So yeah, that’s Bates Motel. So far I’m right in the second season now and it’s so great, I can’t even describe it. Freddie Highmore is literally the best actor for this role. You look at him and you can really, clearly see the madness in his eyes. That’s what I call good acting. And let’s not forget Vera Farmiga, my lovely friend from The Conjuring. She’s the best, seriously. She embodies the character of Norma so well that we’ve all become such big fans of her acting, it’s crazy.


There’s literally nothing bad to say about this show. It has crazy people who do crazy stuff, a lot of secrets, mind-blowing actors, a great scenery, super weird relationships and a huge amount of surprises and twists. I really love it. And I can just recommend it to you guys. If you’re into some mad stories, this is the right aisle for you.


So, there you go guys. Another tv show recommendation from me to you. I hope you like it. Oh and if any of you already know the show or want to talk, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. And until then I wish you all an amazing weekend and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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