Concert overload

Hola everyone.

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I had quite a busy day yesterday and then went to a concert in the evening. And I know what you’re thinking right now – do I ever spent my time by doing anything else than going to concerts? And my answer is: nope, not really.


But jokes aside, this week really has been the week of music. I went to a concert on Monday, to see Coasts and The Hunna, and yesterday to see Kraftklub, a super freaky, super cool band from Germany. And I have to say, both concerts were pretty damn amazing and on the other side completely different in size, style of music and overall feeling.


But for this post, let’s talk about pretty much the smallest concert I’ve ever been to – Coasts and The Hunna. Actually, the whole concert trip started of pretty badly as I completely mixed up the dates and already drove to Vienna on Sunday and then went to the venue just to see that the whole place was shut down and that the concert was actually scheduled for the next day. Yes, I was embarrassed. No, I don’t know how that happened or why I didn’t notice the date when I was packing the freaking tickets. And yes, my friend and I did laugh about it quite for some time. So, that was the start. It could have been better, let’s get that right. But hey, we made the best of it, went for dinner and had a nice, long chat. And the concert the next evening totally made up for it, as it was freaking amazing, seriously. I mean, the venue, The Flex in Vienna, is literally just a small club. There were like 200 people, at best. It was so so so small. At first I was even looking for another entrance, but that little stage was really the stage.


Anyways, the support act, Coasts, started right after we got in and I have to say, I really really enjoyed their set. I mean, I’ve now been listening to them for three or four years and I’m really happy that I finally got the chance to see them live. Which also surprises me a bit, as I would have never thought that bands like Coasts and The Hunna, which are pretty unknown here, would visit Vienna on their tour. But I’m really really really glad they did.


After Coasts The Hunna went on stage and from the first second on, I was sold. I mean, I looooove their music, seriously. It’s like what I love about music in a nutshell. It’s rock and punk and awesome drum beats and an amazing singing voice all in one. I love it. And I loved their show. I was screaming and singing my lungs, jumping around like crazy and just smiling throughout the whole show. It really was breathtaking. Both bands are amazing live and they really know how to entertain a crowd, even such a small one.


But apart from all that fantastic live music, my highlight of the night has to be when my friend and I were about to walk out and I just took all of my strength and braveness together and walked up to the lead singer of Coasts to chat. I don’t even know what got into me. I mean, I’m usually the shyest person ever, but there I was, walking up to this guy, ready to talk to him. And I have to say, it was so so so nice. God, he was so nice to me. No joke. When I got to him I quickly said that I loved their set and that I’ve been listening to them for over three years and he got all smiley and thanked me a hundred times and pulled me into a hug. Like, straight out of nowhere. How freaking cute is that? And then we chatted a little bit about their show and their upcoming tour and he said that they would come to Vienna again and I told him about my plan of moving to Brighton and he said that he loved that city and wished me good luck with my studies and that I should come to their show when they’re playing in Brighton and then stay a little bit and say hello, because he will for sure remember me. And then we exchanged names and he hugged me again. And then I went back to my friend, feeling so so so proud. I never thought that I would once be so brave to just walk up to a singer of a band I love, just to chat with him. Without nearly getting a heart attack. I’m really so so proud. And I’m really glad that I walked up to him. One of the best decisions ever.



So yeah, that was the story of the smallest concert I’ve ever visited and of how I overcame my shyness and talked to a super nice singer and band member. If any of you guys ever get the chance to see these bands live, please don’t waste it. They are really amazing and they deserve all the love and appreciation they can get. I would say that they are pretty underrated. So if you have time, do give them a listen, you won’t regret it, I swear. And apart from that I hope you enjoyed this little post and please stay tuned for Monday and part two of my concert week. And until then, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. And, as always, I hope you’re all doing good, I wish you a nice weekend and thanks for reading. x

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