New Music Friday

Hola everyone.

Isn’t music amazing? And isn’t it even more amazing when all the bands you love bring out more and more new music and you just can’t get enough of it? God, I love when that happens. And when I have the honor to present you the best of the new songs. Let’s go.



You’ve probably heard by now that Paramore are back. And for me, I think their comeback couldn’t be any better. I mean, I’ve loved their songs before but it seems like they just changed into a more like Indie type of sound and I’m living for it. Finally an Indie band with a female lead singer I can listen to. And want to listen to. And want to see them live. For me, their song “Hard Times” is literally perfect to start their new era with. Enjoy.


Nothing But Thieves

I’ve following this bands story since I found oat about them last year when I took a first look at the Reading festival lineup. And I immediately fell in love with them and their music, especially after seeing them live and hearing Conor’s amazing voice live and seeing how much they love what they’re doing (Conor teared up a little bit, so cute). And now that their new album is just waiting around the corner, they gifted us all with their new song “Amsterdam”, which I think is just mind-blowingly good and shows perfectly how good they are.



This one is for all of my readers out there, who like to listen to German music. Kraftklub is like the perfect band to represent German rock/rap bands. Their songs are plain honest, they don’t really care about what others think about them and they do what they want. And it works. Because since I’ve had the chance to see them live at Sziget I wasn’t able to get them of my go-to song list. After a small hiatus they are now back, more honest than ever with two new songs. Down below is the link to the second one they released called “Fenster” (translates to “Window”), which is basically about all the people who hate the world, politics and just say that everything is bad, but don’t act to make it any better. They advise them to jump out of the window then. I know, pretty hard and honest. But that’s how they are. And actually, their new songs are quite amazing


Foster The People

I think this band is pretty special. They always seem some kind of hidden from the outside world, like a secret. But an amazing one. I’ve known their music for years now and am so incredibly happy that they are finally back with new music. And I’m so in love with it. My favorite of their new songs is “Pay The Man”, which is also their new single. I think it perfectly represents them as a band and their music.


So yeah, those are my top 3 of this weeks new songs. I could’ve have included Fall Out Boy, but as I dedicated a whole blog post to their new song (click me), I thought I’d leave you with those four other amazing bands. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do. And please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I’d really like to read your opinions, especially on Kraftklub. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post and are all doing well. I wish you all an awesome weekend and thanks for reading. x

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