13 Reasons Why

Hola everyone.

So I guess you probably already know what I’ll talking about today. Yes, it happened. After such a long time of fighting against it, Netflix has finally defeated me too. But I just had to give in. Do any of you guys own a twitter profile? Literally everything people were and still are talking about is this tv series “Thirteen Reasons Why”. And me being the movie and tv series fan I am, I just had to fall for it sooner or later.


So I downloaded it. I now have this free trial for one month – I won’t have it any longer I think, Amazon Prime and Sky should be enough – and it’s just the perfect amount of time for me to try out as much as I can. And right now, I’m kind of binge-watching 13 Reasons Why, of course. And I have to say, I really do like it. I haven’t read the book and usually I’m not into such teenage drama stuff, but this show really keeps me in front of the screen, wanting more and more.


I’m currently at episode 9 and craving to find out what Clay really did – no spoilers please. So far the show never happened to let me down or bore me, which is a really good sign. There’s just one critic point – the whole story. I mean, I know that the book and the show is about Hannah, but I sometimes think she really did take herself a little bit too important (please don’t kill me in the comments). I know why the other students sometimes say that she just wants attention. But on the other hand I’m so damn sorry for her and think “oh wow, it’s really important to be nice to people”. And I guess that’s what the book/show wants to tell us – just be kind to people. You never know what really goes on in their life so it’s always better to bring them happiness and not even more pain.


But I guess I’m already pretty late on this trend. If any of you have already seen it or read the book – what did you think? Oh and is the book better than the show? I’m really curious. And I’m really excited to watch the last 4 episodes, I can’t wait. Oh and guys, I really hope you enjoyed this short insight on what I’m enjoying tv-wise right now. And I hope you’re all doing well. And, as always, thanks for reading. x

Ps: What besides this one would you recommend me watching? Riverdale? Black Mirror? Please hit me up with some ideas guys. Thaaanks. x

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