Fashion Week – Day 3

Hola everyone.

Soooo, the day has finally come to tell you what happened on the third day I attended the Fashion Week in Berlin. Actually, the day didn’t quite go how I expected. I mean, it was fantastic after all, of course, but started with quite a huge heart attack.


The morning went as usual, I got up, dressed and ready for another cool day full of Fashion and awesomeness. First I drove to a trade show called FashionTech, which was all about how technology can be combined with fashion. And there were some speakers at the conference there and one of them said something that still keeps running around in my head: “Today, every single day, technology does another step forward. We work on it. But why won’t we combine this technology with our clothes?”. And it’s true. Why don’t we do that? I mean, personally I don’t need to have a t-shirt that changes its color according to my mood changes. But just the idea is getting me so excited. And then the shock came.


I was listening to the speakers at the conference when I saw that I had gotten an email from my boss. And I thought it would be something about writing a second article about Fashion Week – because I told him that I could do that – but oh hell no, it wasn’t about that. The mail said that I should get back right now and write the article as quick as possible. And I got so damn stressed. Really. I thought “oh my god, how am I going to write an article if I still haven’t had all my interviews and if I haven’t even been to every trade show?”. So I called him. And then I called the online department. And I told them everything, just explained the situation. And to my big surprise they weren’t stressed at all. They were like “hey, chill, take your time and send us the article whenever you’re  finished”. And I was soooo happy. I mean, I am a person that always sees the good things in everyone, I’m just happy and always hoping that everybody else is too. And when they reacted so smoothly and nicely, it just supported me even more in my opinion that this job, this field, is the right thing for me. And the way they treated me, not like just like I’m a little intern, but like a real journalist… That made me really happy.


Anyway, from that moment on the day was freaking amazing. After looking around at FashionTech and seeing clothes that can save data or send signals to other devices, which is pretty freaky, I went to the biggest trade show called Premium. I’m not quite sure how many brands it featured but there were eight huge halls, so I guess A LOT. It was really interesting to see all the different labels and styles and upcoming trends. The only thing that was bugging me was the amount of people who were there. There were just too many. And after pushing through masses of human bodies I just gave up and took the shuttle to the trade show I was looking forward to the most called Seek.


Seek was all about streetstyles and urban clothing lines, young labels and fashion for young people. Not to mention that Lazy Oaf had a stand there too and hey, we all know how trendy Lazy Oaf is right now thanks to all the YouTubers who are praising the label like crazy. But before I get to that, here comes the funniest thing. On my way to Seek, on the bus, I was sitting next to a guy, probably at the age of my dad, and we started chatting a little bit. About how I got there, about what he was doing and so on. Actually he flew to Berlin from France just to attend Fashion Week which was so interesting for me at that moment. And here comes the funny bit. We separated after getting out of the bus but ran into each other at the trade show about five times. Even another time after we had officially said goodbye. He looked at me and said “wow, that’s strange” and I just had to laugh. But so strange, seriously.


So that’s the story of how I learned how networking is done. Now let’s get to the most interesting part, the fashion part. Oh my god, the clothes there were amazing. I officially know now how the future pieces of Lazy Oaf will look like and I can only say – get ready. Seriously. Usually I’m not the type for bright clothes that crave for attention but it looks like I might buy one or two pieces of the upcoming collections. And besides that I just loved the athmosphere there. Everyone looked so cool (like every day), a DJ was playing music for the whole arena and the location was just straight up amazing. I felt cool. That’s how it was.


And then it got late again and I made my way home. With like 4 new bags full of stuff. That’s one of the cool parts of being a journalist. You get free stuff (hehe). The bad aspect of that is just that I went home with a close-to-falling-off shoulder and a hurting back like I’m a old grandma. But hey, when you had such a wonderful day nothing can spoil the mood.


So yeah, there you go. That was my third day at the Fashion Week in Berlin. Another magnificent day and another hundreds of hundreds wonderful moments I’ll never forget. If any of you have any questions or just want to talk, I’m here. And until then I hope you enjoyed this post and the pics right down below and, as always, thanks for reading. x


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