Hola everyone.

The day has finally come guys. The day we get our beloved magic world full of potions, spells, witches, wands, Hogwarts and the boy who lived.


And yes, I’m talking about what you’re thinking that I’m talking about. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. And I probably have to thank J.K. Rowling for the rest of my life for introducing me to this world and letting me grow up with it.


To be honest, when I heard that there was going to be another Rowling movie in the theatres I completely freaked out. And I can tell you, it was sooooo worth my excitement, seriously.


So, I guess most of you probably know what the movie is all about, but I’m still going to give to you a short description. The movie is about a young guy called Newt Scamander, who travels to New York with a mysterious suitcase full of fascinating and fantastic creatures, which really want to get out of there. And when he gets there, suddenly introduces a Muggle to the magic world and nearly shows his world to the Muggles one, it all just gets worse. Oh and let’s not forget that Grindelwald is just waiting around the corner.


Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Actually, the movie is about a book Harry and Co. read in Hogwarts and how it was written – by Newt, of course. But as we all know now, there are already 4 more movies planned so I’m sooo damn excited for what’s to come.


As you can probably guess I watched the movie here in Berlin. And I think the whole experience was so much better and more awesome because I watched it in an IMAX cinema, with the biggest screen of Germany. Like, me and my friend got in there and we were shocked. I felt like a young kid at Disneyland. And oh my god, I loved it so much. I felt like I was IN the movie. It was so damn good. And worth every cent.


And of course the movie was just amazing. Eddie Redmanye is perfect for this role and the whole magic world thing. And he’s such a good actor. And of course the whole part of getting the Hogwarts magic world back completes the movie, which starts right at the beginning with the Harry Potter music playing. And the story itself is amazing. Gripping and soft and cute at the same time. Like in the old times with the first HP movies. The only thing I missed was that there was a little lack of information, so I would have loved to get a little bit deeper into the whole plot. But I guess that this was just the short introduction and it’s just going to get more intense with every upcoming movie.


So overall it was a really really really cool experience with an amazing movie and a whole lot of good old memories and magic. And I can’t even begin to explain to you how happy I am to have this whole world back in my life. It just makes me so damn happy. I missed it so much.


I can really just recommend you the movie and even if you haven’t seen the HP movies, you’ll love this one, I swear. And if any of you want to talk to me about Harry Potter or Hogwarts or Fantastic Beasts or anything else, I’m here. And until then I hope you enjoyed the post and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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