Café Society

Hola everyone.

Soooo, today I want to talk about an amazing movie I watched a few days ago. One that totally brought me back to the feeling of nostalgia. Another enormous gift brought to us by the magnificent Woody Allen. And one that feels like a dream.

I’m pretty sure that by reading the title you’ve already guessed which movie I’m talking about and yes, you are right, I’m talking about Café Society. I think this movie fits perfectly into Allens previous works like Magic In The Moonlight or Midnight In Paris. They all circle around the late 30s and how the people lived and especially in this one it’s all about this times society – the so-called café society.

Actually, the movie is a about a young guy named Bobby who travels to Los Angeles to work in the movie business for his uncle, who is in a pretty high position when it comes to making movies. And while being there he falls in love with a girl that isn’t like all the others, but somehow their love isn’t meant to be. Oh and let’s not forget his older brother who doesn’t always stay on the legal path when it comes to business. And so the adventure begins.

For me, the whole movie felt like a dream and actually the whole cinema experience. I watched the movie in a really old theatre, which actually only has one screen and therefore only plays one movie. And the whole room for the audience looked like a theatre and old music was playing and the audience was also so special – much older than me and still so chilled and cool. So the movie and the cinema couldn’t have fitted any more perfectly.

Overall, I probably couldn’t have had a better movie night. The movie itself was fantastic and so were the actors and of course the whole look of the movie and also especially the soundtrack. It featured that kind of old music that just makes you feel like you stepped onto the streets of Paris the 20s or 30s, full of romance, luxus and the happiness of life. And that’s why I love it so much.

So yeah, what a great movie. Thanks to Woody Allen for creating another piece of a dream. And as you can all probably guess, I can just highly recommend this one to you. And if you are in that kind of movies, you won’t regret it, I promise. And if any of you want to chat about the movie or anything else, I’m here. And until then I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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