Panic! At The Disco Concert

Hola everyone.

Soooo, I have something really exciting to tell you about. And looking at the title, you can already guess what this is going to be about… Exactly. The unbelieveable, holy moly amazing experience of seeing the INCREDIBLY talented musician(s) of Panic! At The Disco live. And I can tell you, that was something I’ll never forget, for sure.


It all started a few months ago when I saw that they were going on tour. And I mean, of course I had to see them, simply because I love them with all of my heart. And at that time I didn’t know if the whole thing with Berlin would work out, so I bought tickets for Berlin and my hometown (I later sold the one for my city and of course kept the other one).


And just three days ago the moment had come. And I was soooo damn excited, oh my god. Then the support act called Tigertown played, and I have to say, they actually did a pretty great job. I mean, sometimes the support acts are just not good and don’t fit for the main act. But this one did. And they were really good.


And then of course it was time for Panic to come out. And I was freaking out. Seriously. And oh my god, they were UNBELIEVEABLE. I mean, I knew they were amazing, but that was more than amazing. That was breathtaking.


First of all I need to say that Brendon is one of the best singers I have ever got the honor to see live. It’s nearly shocking how good he can control his voice and make it work the way he wants. It was so fascinating to listen to him singing. And just by the way, although he’s quite older than me, watching him on stage made me notice how damn hot he is. Like, not just hot, I mean for real hot HOT.


That kind of hot that can only emerge when you watch a guy who’s singing his heart out, jumping around on stage and capturing the whole audiences with his talent and appearance and energy. And that kind of hot that makes me want to be a little bit older just so that I can say things like that without having people think that I’m weird. Oh and he did two backflips and danced around like there was no tomorrow, which made the whole show even better. You could really sense how he enjoyed being up there, which he also told us mayn time – how cute?


And the songs were even better live than on the studio album. And that is really really hard. And I was so damn happy when they played their song “Ready To Go”, because this is the first song of them that I ever listened to, a few years ago, 2013 I think. Back then I didn’t even know that that song was their song, so this one is really important to me. And yes, it did get quite emotional when they played it and yes, I cried.


So overall, it was hot, sold out, loud, a room nearly bursting full of energy, an amazing show, an amazing band, a breathtakingly talented singer, I nearly screamed and sang my lungs out and I seriously couldn’t have enjoyed the time any more than I already did. It. Was. Perfect. And I couldn’t be any happier that I went to the concert.


There you go. That is the highlight of the week and probably month too. If any of you want to talk to me, I’m here. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always, thanks for reading. x

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