My special friend

Hola everyone.

I’m baaaaack. And as promised, today I’d like to tell you a really special story about a really special friend of mine. You know, today, it’s possible to have friends all around the world. And lucky me, I have my own. Her name is Mati.


I met Mati three years ago, she was actually the one who started something that should become a close and special and amazing friendship. Actually, it was the Belieber connection that brought us together. Because she texted me about the JB concert over on Twitter, which we surprisingly both had visited. She asked me if I had taken some pics and would like to exchange some. We started chatting, soon exchanged phone numbers and here we are, three years later, still going strong and texting everyday (thanks to WhatsApp).


I often thought how could it would be to have a friend in another country. Because it seemed so extraordinary and special to me. And now I have Mati. The first time we met in person was one year after our first chat and it was seriously one of the best moments in my life. To finally see her live, be able to hug her, talk to her and show her my hometown and introduce her to my friends and my family. And I have to say, it was was just wonderful.


Since then she visited me another time and as you guys know, last weekend I visited her in Croatia for the first time. I was sooooo excited and it was so freaking awesome. I felt like I was on a holiday trip, for real. Mostly because everyone was so chilled and nice and they all welcomed me so nicely. And I mean, it’s for sure not normal. I felt like I was one of her family members and I’m so thankful for that.

Honestly, I can’t describe how happy I am that I have Mati in my life and I really hope that we’ll be one of the cool grannies who chat all the time and laugh about stupid things when we’re old and grey. I think that it’s amazing how social networks bring us all closer together. Sometimes people think that it’s weird when I tell them about having a friend in another country, but I don’t care at all, to be honest. And I’m pretty sure that most of you guys have already met a lot of people on the internet, so yey to having friends all over the world.


So, there you go. This is my special story about a special friendship. If any of you guys want to talk about friendships or anything else, I’m here. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post, and, as always, thanks for reading. x

Oh and here are some pics I took on my trip with Mati. Enjoy.


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