And the Oscar goes to…

Hola everyone.

First of all I need to say something… YES LEO, YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!


I bet pretty much all of you have noticed that Hollywood celebrated the annual Oscar Awards last week and therefore know that Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won his so well deserved Oscar as best actor for his role in The Revenant.


I can’t say how happy I am for him. And overall, the Oscars are always a highlight of the year for me. This year, I watched the whole “show”, which means I stayed up until 6 am (stupid time difference). Me and two friends made a group on WhatsApp and texted the whole night and pretty much kept each other awake. And of course we betted who will win every time – I won most of the time.


I think this year the show was special, because there were so many important topics and issues were raised. Chris Rock – the host of this years show – talked about racism and diversity, Lady Gaga made a tribute to all the people out there who were sexually assaulted and Leo talked about climate change in his speech. In my opinion it’s amazing that such important people in the film industry talk about those issues on a night like this instead off acting like everything is perfect. I really loved that.


Apart from that I liked how they all made fun of each other. For example, when they showed a clip of The Revenant, they filmed parts of the audience afterwards and there was literally someone in a bear costume sitting in the audience – in the movie Leo fights a bear and I think kills him. All the little jokes showed that actors are really just like everyone else. They joke around, make fun of each other and are able to laugh about themselves, which is great.


The highlights of the night were the two awards for the best actor and the best picture. As already mentioned, Leo FINALLY won. You could really feel how he was longing for that little golden guy and how everyone else wanted him to win. When he went up to the stage, everyone in the audience stood up and cheered for him like crazy. And it was so cute how Kate Winslet looked up at him when he held his speech. To be honest, why can’t they just date? Like, they are perfect for each other. Really.


The last award of the night was the one for the best picture. I really really wanted the movie Spotlight to win, although literally everyone else said that The Revenant would win that one too. And then the moment came and Spotlight won. God, was I happy. Especially because of the topic the movie is about – sexual abuse by the church. I have to say I’m not really religious. I mean, I believe that there is something out there, like fate or destiny or guardian angels or whatever, but I never trusted people telling me that a man died, then rose again rom the dead, parted the sea and made a blind guy see again. That’s just something that I can’t believe, even if I want. But I know that there a lot of people out there who believe in all of that. Who worship the church and just shut their eyes from any scandals like sexual abuse. That’s why I think it’s amazing that a movie which is about that kind of topic won. I really can’t wait to watch it in the cinema.


Overall, the Oscars were as amazing as always and although I was nearly dying of tiredness, it was totally worth it. I can really only recommend watching it if you can, it’s truly something special and a highlight for movie maniacs like me.


If any of you want to chat a little bit about the Oscars or just movies at all, I’m here and happy to talk to you. Oh, and I’ll leave a link of both movies at the end of the post, so you go and check them out. And as always, thanks for reading. x



The Revenant:


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