xoxo, Gossip Girl

Hola everyone.

As you probably know I’m currently going to college. And in order to be able to do that I had to move and now I “live” in a dorm, which means no TV or anything. So, as you might guess already, I depend on my laptop. I can watch movies and TV shows over Sky Go and Amazon Prime, but no common TV programs. So, in order to not die of complete boredom I had to find a new show to watch. And I found it – Gossip Girl.


I knew the show before, because like who doesn’t know it? But I didn’t know much about it, I just had the idea that it was a pretty superficial teenie drama series with nothing much that was valuable. But I love fashion, so out of boredom I just gave it a chance and clicked play. I think it was already January when I started.


And guess what? I just finished the complete show yesterday – 6 seasons, 121 episodes in less than two months. I binge watched it every single day since I started and now I basically don’t know what to do with my life, seriously.


I never thought that I would get so caught up in the show, I really didn’t. And now I completely love it. At the beginning I didn’t exactly enjoy it THAT much, I thought the whole bitchy superficial attitudes were dumb and I just watched it because I had nothing else. But then the characters started to develop and more and more complex  small stories began to build up and I liked it more and more. That’s also the point why I fell in love with. At the beginning all of the characters seemed so unreal to me, but then the whole show came to life and the characters with it.


Personally, Blair and Chuck are my favorite characters. Their love story was the main reason why I continued to watch the series, I wanted to know if they will ever be able to be together or not. God, how much I cried because of them… And slowly Blair became my spirit animal – she’s strong, she fights for her love and her dreams, she believes in herself and she likes the person she is and let’s none stop her from doing that. Besides that, I’m pretty much completely in love with her Elie Saab wedding dress – I’ll leave a link to the picture down below. Overall, nearly every single outfit in the show is breathtaking. I know, someone like me could never afford one single dress they are wearing but would be a life without dreams?


And my least favorite characters? To be honest, the longer I watched, the more I started to hate Serena. Like really hate. She just annoyed the hell out of me. At the beginning she seemed like the nice girl, but then I noticed who true the things were everyone else was saying about her. She basically got everything she wanted, she was fake at some point, she never had to take responsibility for anything she did and even when she hurt the people around her, they just all forgave her everything although she hardly ever forgave them. I don’t know, her attitude just annoyed me. And according to what I saw on the internet, Blair and Chuck are everyone’s favorite –  if you search for Gossip Girl on Tumblr, they are the ones appearing.


But if I ignore that one fact, I have to say that I liked every single character, even Serena. Because they turned the show into the one it is now. I think, the more seasons I watched, the better did the show get. I especially loved the last three seasons as the stories got more and more complex. And I love the ending, when they finally reveal who Gossip Girl truly is.


After all, I’m really really happy that I started the show. I had a certain prejudice, but I have to admit that I was totally wrong. I think, if you like fashion, complex love stories, friends basically ruining each others lives and then rescuing them again and of course New York City, then the show is perfect for you. I can only recommend it, really. And in honor of the series, I’m gonna end this post the same as the show…


You know you love me. xoxo, Gossip Girl

Thanks for reading. x

Blair’s dress: polyvore.com

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