Who am I?

Hola everyone.

I’m an introvert. More specifically, I’m an INFJ, which means I’m Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling and Judging, according to the Carl G. Jung’s and Briggs Myers’ theory of psychological types and test I took to find out, which personality type I belong to.


So what does that mean exactly?

INFJs are described as complex characters, who often tend to be idealists. Furthermore, they are doers as well as dreamers, which I can totally support, as I probably spend like half of the day dreaming about things and building up different scenarios in my head. It’s also said, that INFJs are deeply concerned about their relationships with the people in their lives and the world in total, but as true introverts, they often just have a few friends, but those are the ones, they really trust completely and the ones, they want to keep forever (so true).


Onto that, INFJs are said to be highly empathic and to have the clearest insights of all the other personality types into the motivations of others, for good and evil. At this point, I have to say, that I’m shocked how true this all is. I often feel what people want or how they feel, I don’t even have to ask them what is going on inside of them, because I already know.


The thing, that completes the personality type description for me and gives me the confirmation that I am really an INFJ, is that for people of that personality type self-expression comes more easily on paper, which ends up in good writing skills. And this is so damn true. I remember that when my mum and me argued, I always went to my room and wrote her a letter in which I expressed all the feelings I had. They often were like two pages long. I was 12 when that started. And today, I text my mum after an argument – I can’t say she likes to read them all, but I just have to write it down.


Another thing that comforted me in all the past decisions I have made, is the part when the typical hobbies and the most fitting jobs are presented. I love writing, listening to music, taking pictures and reading books and those are the exact hobbies which are in the personality description. This leads us to the jobs, where positions like teacher and photographer and writer and jobs in the public media are written down and it couldn’t be more accurate, seriously. A few years ago, I wanted to become an English teacher, but that changed after some time and today I want to become a journalist and maybe an author, if it all works out like I want it to. And onto that, I’ve fallen so deeply in love with photography and taking pictures and holding my camera in my hands, that I’m dreaming about selling my pictures one day. It’s so incredible for me how perfect this all is.


All in all I couldn’t be happier to have taken that test, as it fits like a perfect pair of jeans. Before I took the test, I didn’t really think that the result would be that accurate. After all, I have to thank Will Darbyshire, who talked about the test in one of his videos and made me curious about it.


I think it’s fascinating that today we can take tests to find out how our personality works and also how the people around us work on the inside. The test really helped me to understand myself more. I know that I’m an introvert, that I would always chose watching a good movie over going to a party, that I can express myself better in pictures and written texts and that I’m highly sensitive to the world around me, but now I know, how all these things work together and why I am the person I am. And to be honest, I’m really happy that I am the way I am today and I’m glad that my parents and friends and all the past experiences and events have brought me to where I am today and have shaped my personality to how it is now.


If any of you want to take the test, I’ll leave the link at the end of the post, have fun with it. And if any of you want to watch Will’s video or want to find out who he is or simply want to watch some of the most inspiring videos on the internet, I’ll also leave the link to his channel down below.


If someone wants to talk to me about the personality types or has the same personality as me, I would be more than happy to talk to you and exchange thoughts and experiences. I’m here. And if some of you actually take the test, I would be very glad to hear about the results, as I’m really interested in the the test and in getting to know you all better. But until then, thanks for reading. x

The test: humanmetrics.com

Will’s channel: youtube.com

2 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. Thanks for your comment. I’ve just summarized the description of the INFJ personality type from humanmetrics and compared it to how I see myself.

    And yeah I know, internationally it’s pretty mainstream, but trust me, in my country, noone has ever heard of a band called Two Door Cinema Club or a singer called Conor Maynard.


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