Power to the local dreamer

Hola everyone.

And welcome back to another Monday and another week. I hope so far you’ve had a great day and that you’re doing good. Today I’d like to talk about something very special – how the move to the UK and my time there and basically the aspect of living my dream has influenced me personally and my view of life. I know, it might sound a bit philosophical now, but, actually, I want this to be a story of a dreamer. Of us, I daresay.


First of all, I obviously need to say that moving to Brighton and attending BIMM was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Yes, it was a big and quite scary step. Far away from home, completely on my own and surrounded by strangers. And yes, it was difficult when I first got there, but I knew that it would get better. And I knew that it was what I needed to do in order to get one step closer to my dream. My goal. And that’s actually the easiest way to get through something – if you’ve got something to actually work for, something to look forward to. It might not make the stones in your way smaller, but you’ll grow a tiny bit bigger.


And it all paid off because in a matter of two months, I was already at a place I never thought I’d get to in such a short amount of time. There I was, living in the UK for the very first time, on my own, and living my dream. Interviewing musicians, going to one concert after another, actually becoming a part of the music industry. The risk had paid off.


I often talk to my friend Leni about how the whole trip influenced me. And all I can say is that it taught me to firstly value myself and secondly my dreams. And to fight for them, no matter how crazy they might sound. I would’ve never believed that I would manage to actually be stuck in a room with Hippo freaking Campus for over an hour. Or that I would get to hug Tom after seeing him live for the very first time and doing an interview with him. It all would’ve sounded way too crazy for me if someone would’ve told me about it a few years ago. But it all happened. And it did because I was willing to fight for it and try my best to reach all of my goals.


And now that I’m back home, I get to really digest everything that happened and I noticed that after having been at that point of total happiness, of living the dream, there’s simply no way I can go back. I now know what it feels like to do the one thing you were always meant to do, you always dreamt about doing, and for me, there’s no way back now. And that’s totally fine. Even when I’ll be growing old, I don’t want to look back and just see this as the phenomenal time I had while being at uni. That’s just not how it goes. Because that’s simply not who I am. Not anymore, at least. I want the dream to become my life. Permanently.


I often see people just walking around, living their life, not complaining much but also not doing anything overly exciting. They’re simply alive, doing what they’re supposed to do, earning the money they need to stay afloat and once in a while, they go on holiday or a weekend trip and that’s when they’re free and get to feel alive. And I don’t mean to sound like that’s something bad. I know people who’re extremely happy with their lives like that. They just have other dreams and goals than I do. Or than some other people.


I remember back in school when my teachers would ask me what I wanted to do when I’m older and I always said that I wanted to move abroad, to London. I was 16. And I definitely received more than one strange look from my classmates after saying this. Because, at the age of 16, having the ultimate goal of moving abroad simply sounds strange. And crazy. But I really meant it. And still, I kind of thought that I was a bit weird, maybe also a bit delusional. Because I had never met anyone with the same ambitions as me. Maybe I was crazy.


But then I moved to Vienna and met one dreamer after another. People like me, who also had those crazy dreams they were fighting for with all their power and will. And then I met Leni and now we’re moving to London together. We are doing exactly the one thing nobody ever really believed we would truly accomplish. But now that we have that, it’s “go bigger or go home”. Especially for me. I want to wake up every day happy about the fact that I get to go to work. I don’t want to always think “oh, I’m going to be happy or going to do that once I get home or once the weekend is here”. That’s not what I want from life. I mean, what a total waste of time. Why can’t we all be happy all the time? I mean, of course, we can’t, because we’re humans and we’ve all got our problems and struggles, but still. And after all this time, I think it’s more than okay to ask these questions. Because we all deserve to be happy with the life we are living.


I know, this really turned into a huge philosophical post now (sorry), but that’s kind of what has been floating through my head the past weeks. Maybe because I miss the craziness that was BIMM and doing interviews and rushing from show to show. Another reason why I can’t wait to be back. But I think it’s also because I notice how more and more people are now actively ready to fight for their dreams. And I think that’s so damn important. One of my friends decided to move to London with Leni and me. Another one started a new program at university to fulfil her passion. And my mum quit her job and just started her own company. They all did what they had to do in order to be happy and I’m so damn proud of that. Some people might have told them that they are taking way too many risks or that it could all go wrong. And of course it could. But they’re all still here and probably happier than they were before. And isn’t that the most important part?


What I want to say: it’s totally alright to want more from life. To dream big. To fight for what you believe in. To take risks in order to be happy. Do whatever you need to do in order to be happy. Seriously. It will all work out, I promise. Power to the local dreamer (yes, that’s a Twenty One Pilots line and, yes, I had to add that in).


And with that I’m going to end today’s post. I hope that some of you could get a bit of reinforcement and strength out of my words. If any of you want to talk, please don’t hesitate to comment down below. And until then I wish you all a lovely week and thanks for reading. x

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