At the seaside

Hola everyone.

How are you all doing today? I hope so far you’ve had an amazing Friday and that you’re looking forward to the weekend. I, for my part, have been enjoying my time at home the past two weeks and am currently mentally preparing myself for Ed’s show next week. My friend and I want to try and get front row, so the plan is to get to the venue as early as possible and basically stay there the whole day, which is something I’ve never done before. But we’ll try our best. We’re coming for you, Ed.


Besides that, I’m currently also processing the past months I got to spend in Brighton and London, which is partly what I want to do with this post right here as well. I’ve been going through all the pictures on my phone and I just couldn’t help myself but choose my favourites. And now, obviously, I can’t help but have to share them with you. You guys know how much in love I am with photography and as I haven’t done a photography post in a while now, I thought it was time to change that.


Some of you might already know most of the pictures if you’ve been following my blog for a while now, but I’m sure there’ll be a few surprises in there as well. All of them were either taken on my phone or my Sony camera, but I do really love all of them equally. I just love looking at pictures and sharing them with the world so much. Photography is art. Nobody can tell me otherwise.


As always, I hope you enjoy the pictures and please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below. I’d love to hear what you think. And, of course, I wish you all a nice weekend and thanks for reading. x


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