My favourite moments of 2018

Hola everyone.

Can you believe that it’s already December? I can’t. Although I’m practically surrounded by christmas decorations and fairy lights and christmas trees here in Brighton, I can’t seem to fully get this christmassy feeling. Probably because the weather is still a bit too nice outside for my brain to think that it’s winter. And maybe it’s because I’m not at home, which, speaking of that, will thankfully change this Saturday, as I’ll be flying home then, for a whole month. I. Can’t. Wait. Honestly.


But although I might not have the christmassy feeling yet, and whether I want it or not, the year is really coming to an end. And holy moly, what a year that was. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I really feel like so far this has been the most eventful year of my life. Not just because I moved to the UK and began to study music journalism at BIMM, which is like the biggest step in my life so far. Also because during the whole year I got so many things done and could tick so many boxes on my “things I want to do in my life”-list. And I’m so damn grateful for that.


And as I’m a huge fan of photography, as you all know, I thought I’d make a little compilation of my most favourite moments of this year. I could actually capture most of them, which is a pretty cool thing, and I’m so happy I get to share them all with you. You’ll probably already know most of the pictures, but please know that these photographs right here hold a really special meaning for me, even if they’re just my favorite picture I took in a month. Some are from the beginning of the year, from a concert, from a vacation with my family, from my home, from my time here in Brighton.  Some were taken with my camera, some with the phone, some were meant to be this way, some are what we call candids nowadays. Heck, one was even made with an analog camera. Together they make a big mix of moments and memories of 2018, but as a big picture they are my 2018. And I dearly hope you enjoy them. I won’t specifically tell which story belongs to which picture, as I’ve always loved how a piece of art and photography can have a different meaning for every single person that looks at it. So, I invite you all to make up your own stories. But if you want to know the “real” ones, just hit me up and I’ll let you know.


As always, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments down below and let me know what you think. And, of course, I hope you’re all doing good and wish you a nice week. And thanks for reading. x


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