The English Way

Hola everyone.

And welcome back to a new week. I hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend and that you’re feeling well. I, for my part, had a pretty good weekend, especially as the weather here in Brighton thought it would be a good idea, to spend us a bit of warmth again. Which I thought I’d make the most of and thus took my camera for a little stroll around the city. And the pictures I am now happy to present you are the result of exactly that walk.


Honestly, I have to say, I’m falling for the English architecture more and more every single day. I mean, just look at these houses. How cute are they? And I just love how elegant and also minimalistic they are, which just adds even more to their cuteness. So yeah, I’m a big fan. But I’d also love to hear your opinions, so please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below. And I really hope that you enjoy the pictures. As always, I wish you all a nice week and, of course, thanks for reading. x



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