Halloween à la Capaldi

Hola everyone.

Happy November and belated Happy Halloween to you guys. You know, I’ve always been quite in love with this special holiday – although, is it really a true holiday? – but unlike here in the UK, this night of the dead was never a big deal in my country. No trick or treating, no little kids strolling from house to house. Just people dressing up weirdly and drinking and eating way too much stuff. But here in the UK and Brighton it’s like Christmas, only there’s no Santa, but vampires and witches and hundreds of Michael Myers. Less scary than you would think, but definitely fascinating.


So, you could say that this year’s Halloween was a bit more unusual and tons more special than my past ones. But not just because of all the craziness of the people in this town. More because I got to spend this Halloween with a very special person – the one and only Lewis Capaldi. And yes, you guessed it right, I spent this year’s Halloween at a concert. Couldn’t get more on brand, right?


Most of you guys will probably know this Scottish guy with the raspy voice, but if you don’t, what are you doing with your life? Okay, no, I’m just joking. But honestly, you’re truly missing out if your ears haven’t yet been blessed by Lewis’s amazing voice. He’s actually only been around since the beginning of last year, when his song “Bruises” basically blew the metaphorical roof of the internet off. It was everywhere. Even I heard it, without knowing who this guy was and having even less of a clue that I’d be seeing him live twice the following year. Since then he’s been touring Europe countless times, the headline tour he’s doing now even selling out for most of the dates, which is completely crazy. I mean, he hasn’t even got an album out and is already at that stage of his career. Which he’s fully aware of himself, as he joked on Wednesday in his funny Scottish accent: “I just realized, I only have like seven f*cking songs”. A singer-songwriter with a unique voice who doesn’t take himself too seriously, what a catch.



Actually, I would describe the show as an amazing party, sprinkled with raspy screams, raw voices, tons of goosebumps, some very emotional tears, only the very best selection of dirty jokes and minutes filled with laughter. So, overall, I have to say I pretty much loved every single second of it and actually never wanted it to end. Lewis’s voice is something special, that completely draws you into it. It totally fills you up and cuddles you like a blanket. Which is something that especially got noticeable when he played some of his newest tracks, which, by the way, I can’t wait for to be finally released. His new album is definitely one of those musical pieces that I’ll be eagerly looking forward to.


If I had to choose my favorite moment of the set, I would say either those few minutes when Lewis played one of his new songs and the whole crowd just went completely silent, letting his voice float through the room and fill it up. Or the very end, when he played “Bruises”, which is the one song he’s most well-known for. That’s the song everyone knew and every single person could sing and scream. Suddenly the whole crowd morphed together into one huge choir, which, not to be dramatic or anything, was rather magical. Those are exactly the moments I love the most at concerts – the most quiet and most passionate ones. It’s live music at its finest.


For me, Lewis is one of those people you can go and see live over and over again, because he’ll always make you crack up with his jokes and dream for a bit with his songs. He just knows how to turn the evening into something special. And I’m more than happy that I got to spent Halloween at his concert, because it was just so different, in the best way possible.


If any of you have a bit of money left and an intense urge to spice up your playlist with some new, amazing music, I’d highly recommend going to one of Lewis’s shows. I think he’s touring the UK and Europe for a bit now over the next few months, so it’s worth to look out for him. And until then I’d love to hear your opinions on his music, I really hope you like it. So, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and thoughts down below. As always, I hope you’re all doing good and that you enjoyed this post. I wish you all a great weekend. And, of course, thanks for reading. x

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