It’s never enough

Hola everyone.

Okay, let me just tell you about my current situation: right now I’m sat in my bed, it’s eleven minutes past 3 am. Yes, I should be asleep. But am I tired? No, of course not. Why am I not tired? Because I just got home from an amazing concert and I need to share it with you guys.


Right now I’m close to being deaf, my legs are killing me, I surely sound like the most extreme chainsmoker ever, so my voice is nearly gone, and I’m just overall so exhausted that I can already tell that it was an amazing night. I’m literally drunk on happiness and excitement. This was my second concert in a matter of the four past days and I couldn’t be happier, no joke. It may sound like I’m completely done, but trust me, this is like the peak of feeling perfect for me. There’s nothing better than concert exhaustion, I love it. And speaking of concerts, I’m of course here to tell you everything about those two past nights, that again showed me how deeply in love I am with live music and that there literally isn’t anything better than that. Okay, let’s get right to it.


Monday night – The Academic

Some of you may know these Irish boys, most of you probably don’t. And that’s a problem, a really really big problem, because these guys deserve far more attention than they are getting right now. I’m serious. I personally have to thank my go-to concert ticket platform for recommending this band to me, I would have never known that they were having a concert here without seeing it on my page. The funny thing was, I just saw their name and picture and immediately knew that they had to be an indie band – and of course they are. I even recognized them, so they are one of those bands, where I’m in love with one or two songs, but never really take notice of their names and so on. But oh god, that was a mistake. Because these guys are literally amazing and I’m so so lucky that I got to see them live, especially at such a small venue. I mean, I was literally about two meters away from the stage or even less, it was so cool.


Apart from that, the concert was really fantastic. You could really see that they enjoyed being there and that they were thankful for the sold out show and that so many fans and other people came to check them out. I mean, they are all pretty much at my age and right at the start of their career and you could see that. I seriously can’t wait to see them get more and more attention and become one of those big indie bands that sell out huge venues and headline festivals. I know that these boys got it in them, there’s no doubt. Especially after experiencing them live. Craig, their lead singer, really has an amazing voice and overall they were just so great.


Oh and speaking of the lead singer, here comes the crazy part of this night. So, I stood there in the crowd with my friend and the show had just begun. And suddenly she tapped me on the shoulder and was like “hey, doesn’t the singer look a little bit like Martijn?”. And I starred at her and was like “whaaat? No, of course not. No.”. And then I turned around and looked at him and then it hit me. This guy seriously – and I’m not joking – could have been Martijn, if his face was just a bit slimmer. Guys, I nearly went crazy. I mean, my brain didn’t know what to do. What do you do when there’s a guy in front of you who looks exactly like someone else, but you know it’s not him and still can’t handle it properly? I just starred at him, to be honest. My friend said that she actually watched the shock spread across my face. I’m sure it was a weird and funny sight. But hey, it was actually the biggest bonus ever, because now I know what Martijn would look like if he was the singer in a band – and holy moly, he would look good. I’m just curious whether anyone has ever told Craig that… Oh well.



Thursday night – The Wombats and Co.

And here we are again. A show that just ended four and a half hours ago and a show I still have to process. God, it was so so amazing. I don’t even know where to begin. Okay, I’ll just start at the Co.-part, their two support acts. Number one: The Night Café. And number two: The Magic Gang. Both were more than fantastic and I’m so happy that I got to see them both, as I adore their music. I gladly got to the venue pretty early and ended up in the fourth row, where I stayed throughout the whole show. It’s so cool, when you get a perfect spot at a concert without having to push past people and fighting for it. But I have to say, those two support acts couldn’t have been any more different. I mean, yes, they both played indie pop/rock music and they both were incredible, but besides that they were so different. The Night Café literally consists of four young guys, probably all younger than me, that looked so chilled up on that stage, that if I hadn’t known we were standing in a concert venue, I would have thought that they were playing at home in their garage. It was seriously that chilled. And they were all wearing lounge/sportswear, which just added up to that. But I absolutely love their music and their set was pretty cool too, so it was all good.


The Magic Gang were just as fantastic, but like I said, also different. Older, wiser, more put together and maybe a little more awake, I would say. Oh, and they are from Brighton, which just made it even better. Once again you could really see that they had fun playing on that stage for us and that made me happy too. I also have to mention that their music is even better live, it gives it another touch of coolness. And that pretty much sums up their whole set – it was just so cool. Really really awesome.


And now we’ve reached the main act – The Wombats. I actually have a little story with these guys, as it was my second time seeing them live, if the first time actually counts, which I’m not so sure of. It was at Reading festival in 2016, but my mum and I were far too late for their set, so we only got to hear like three songs or something like that. Does that count? I hope it does, but of course I had to see them live again, to experience the whole thing. And god, was it worth the wait. They were so so so damn good. It was like a huge party, one that I never wanted to end. I absolutely love that they had a great mix of old and new songs and that they could really show how talented they are. They truly deserved the show to be sold out.


There were also some funny parts during the show. The first when Murph’s, the lead singer’s guitar suddenly died and they had to stop in the middle of their song “Emoticons”. But instead of just standing there, we decided to finish the song ourselves and just sang the chorus for about two minutes until the problem was solved. What a great crowd, am I right? Oh, and the second funny incident happened closer to the end of the show during “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”, when suddenly two guys came up on stage, dressed in these huge wombat costumes, and started to dance and jump around. I’m still not quite sure whether it was a prank by their team or if it’s a usual part of the show. I hope it was a prank, that would make it even better.


But besides that, the whole show was truly incredible. Like I already mentioned, it was a huge party and just happy vibes all around. I loved the dynamic of the crowd and the overall atmosphere. And I’m so so happy that I got to see these English guys again, the full set this time. Oh and I also have to mention that their bassist Tord was literally the cutest ever. He was jumping around the stage the whole time with the biggest grin ever on his face. His happiness was so contagious, so thanks for that.



So yeah guys, there you go. Another two nights, another two mind-blowing concerts. I’m so so thankful that I got to experience these and that I’m able to see so many bands live. It’s literally my kryptonite. I also have to thank tonight for reminding me of why I am here and doing all this. Live music is literally the best thing ever and I know that I’m doing the right thing by moving to Brighton to lay the foundation for a career in that sector. As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and please don’t hesitate to leave your comments down below. Oh and I hope you’re all doing good and wish you an awesome weekend. And, of course, thanks for reading. x


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