Fashion Week – Day 1

Hola everyone.

Oh what a week it was. A week full of fashion, style, happiness, good looks and so much more. That’s right, it was fashion week.


And actually, so much happened throughout the past four days that I really had to plan how I’d give you guys all the infos. At the end I came to decision that I’ll just split it up on the days, so yeah, there will be three (with this one four) exclusively about the fashion week here in Berlin. Let’s start with day one.


So the first day was more like just really damn luck for me. Because the secretary at my internship place send me a mail that was actually meant for my boss but she thought it would be a better opportunity for me. It was an invitation for the yearly conference held by Zeitmagazin, a German magazine, and Vogue. You can probably guess what a big deal it was for me when I got the text. And even more when I got the mail that the people form the conference had reserved a ticket for me. Which is totally crazy, still. Mostly because so many exciting people were on the speakers list. For example, Christiane Arp, the chief-in-editor at the German Vogue. And you know what the Vogue means to me. It’s like the queen of the fashion magazines and like the biggest dream of mine.


Anyway, on the 16th the time had finally had come. I made my way to the conference and was speechless the moment I got into the building. Beautiful people everywhere. Some of the coolest outfits I’ve ever seen. And they all looked to important. And the whole place was so gorgeous. To be honest, on the one side I loved it, but on the other side I was also intimidated as hell. I felt out of place. Thank god I had my camera with me, so I could hide behind my photography skills.


And then the conference started and god, it was so interesting. There were so many experts talking about one passion everyone in the room shared – fashion. One thing that I still have on my mind is probably the point about fast fashion and how today we just buy things and don’t really think about where they come from or if we REALLY want them anymore. And, like, it’s true. Like I learned there, according to studies 70 percent of all the girls on Instagram would be ashamed if they would be seen with the same outfit twice on the website. Like, how crazy is that? Don’t we all have something more important to worry about than wear the same outfit? I mean, lucky you if you don’t, but I think you get what I mean. Clothes are there to be loved. And yes, to be worn more than once. I know I also have a lot more clothes than I need, but not wanting to be seen with an outfit twice is a whole different level.


Livia Firth – yes, Colin Firth is her husband – said something at the conference that completely struck me. When she was young and she would see a dress or shoes or whatever she really wanted she had to save up for it and then buy it. In that way, she still remembers how much she loved that exact piece and where and when she bought it and how she stills wears the piece until today. And I think that’s what fashion is about. Seeing something, loving it with all you heart and wearing it until it falls apart. Of course that’s one extreme and the Instagram thing is another, but I think it’s important that we try to meet the middle of that. To buy clothes not just because the look is trending right now or because some else is wearing it too, but because we love them. I can actually take this as one of my late new year resolutions. To buy clothes I know I will wear and love.


Apart from that the conference was all about the future of fashion, the changes happening right now and about the aspect that fashion is everywhere. Fashion isn’t just clothing, it’s in the car we own, the furniture we have and the lifestyle we have. Fashion never ends.


I went out of the conference with so much new info and opened eyes. I had learned so much in those six hours and I took nothing of it for granted. Honestly, until today I still can’t believe I was there. So many cool people, so many interesting speakers, one even showed his cat over Skype (that was the funniest part of the conference, so cute) and for five minutes the whole room turned into a huge club when singer Alma made a little appearance and sang her new song “Colour my hair”. So overall, it was a freaking awesome afternoon and one I will never ever again, for sure. And I got an amaziiiiing tote bag that I will keep forever, I love it so much.


So yeah, there you go. That was the first day of fashion week. Already started up great and yeeees, there is so much more to come. Be prepared. Oh and don’t forget to check out the pictures, they are right down there. If any of you have questions or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me. Oh and I’m really sorry for posting so late. And until then I hope you enjoyed this post and my pictures and, as always, thanks for reading. x


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