He is back

Hola everyone.

Oh my god. It’s happened. Finally. He is back. Edward Christopher Sheeran is finally back. Say it louder for those in the back. Thank you god. And yes, you guessed it right. I am beyond excited. BEYOND.


Guys, you know how much of a fan I am of Ed. I mean, I freaking love him. There’s this one special little space in my heart that just exists for him. Nobody else has excess to this, just him. And after seeing and hearing him again today, this space literally takes up my whole heart. Holy moly, I still can’t get over it.


I really really really hope that all of you guys already had the chance to gives his two new singles a listen. I mean, you cannot not listen to them. He is all over the internet right now. And already toping the charts, which is soooo damn crazy. How long have the songs been out now? 10 hours? That’s unbelieveable, seriously.


But I get it. They are perfect. They deserve the first and second spot in the charts. And all the apprecitaion. And I love how Ed shows us a new side of his talent. His single „Shape Of You“ is like the perfect radio and party song. Because it’s literally about going out and meeting a girl there. For me, it really reminds me a lot of Justins new songs, especially the beat. It’s just an awesome, totally catchy single that won’t leave the radio charts for a loooong time, that’s for sure.


And now let’s talk about the other song. The song that made me fall in love with Ed even more – „Castle On The Hill“. This is something I would call angelic. The song is an hommage to Ed’s childhood, to his friends and I love it. It’s so personal and deep and his perfect voice and the beats of the guitar just fit in together so well. A match made in heaven. Seriously. Also, he did a live version of it just today at BBC Radio and it’s even better than the studio version, if you ask me. Because that’s just him. Him and his guitar, like it always was.


To be honest I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I am for his new album ÷ – or “Divide” – and for the new tour, of course. I swear, I’ll step onto a plane for this guy. And like it’s always with him, it’s just going to be as good as all his other stuff, maybe even better – like he said.


So guys, please please please go and have a listen at the two songs. And tell me what you think about them, I’m so curious whether you like them or not. And until, I hope you enjoyed this post and as always, thanks for reading. x


Castle On The Hill – studio version link / live version link

Shape Of You – studio version link

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