My weekend with mum and Merry Christmas

Hola everyone.

Christmas is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Because I certainly can’t, to be honest. The days just went by so quickly, it’s crazy. And as I told you last week, I still have one thing to do – tell you about my weekend with mum here in Berlin when she visited me.


First of all I have to say that it was really really amazing. I loved spending time with her, it was like a small holiday. So what did we do? On the first evening we just spent some quality time at home. Actually I picked her up from the airport when she got here in the evening. And then we just got home in my apartment and chatted. The next day, after work, we went to have dinner in a vietnamese restaurant, which was freaking amazing. And then we visited my favorite place in the city, a huge book – and a lot of other stuff – store. Until midnight and I’m not even kidding. And yes, people seriously still buy books on a Friday night.


On Saturday we went a little shopping and then went to the cinema to see the oh so beautiful movie “About Ray”, which I already told you about in my last post. What a great movie, holy moly. And then we just strolled around in town, visited a supercute cat café and again went for dinner – Mexican this time. Oh and then we walked to a really nice christmas market where I drank probably the best punch (the christmasy beverage, not what you are thinking) I’ve ever had.


And then the last day had already come. So we tried to make the most of it and went for a little brunch and then visited the famous flea market at the mauerpark. If any of you guys ever get the chance to go to Berlin, please please please visit this market. It’s like most Berlin thing you’ll see. For real. And then it was already time to bring my mum back to the airport.


So yeah, that was our weekend. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was really packed and really awesome. I loved every single moment.


Guys, I’d still like to talk about some other stuff. I know you’ve all probably heard about the terrorist attack here in Berlin. And yes, I’m alright. Actually before my dad had called me, I didn’t even know anything about it. After all those nice days with mum that really brought me back to earth, right to the ground. I was extremely shocked. I mean, terror isn’t something new, not this year (2016, we really need to talk). But being in like the same city, just a few miles away from the place of the attack is different. Too different for me to process it completely. I’m extremely sad for all the people who were affected by the attack and can just hope that next year will be better. I mean, we are all humans, we live on such a beautiful planet, why can’t we all just live in peace?


But christmas is coming, so let’s concentrate on the nice things, right? Anyways, I just wanted to thank you guys for being here and for reading my blog. You make me so happy, every single day of my life. I started this blog because I wanted to try it. I was curious. And I liked the idea of sharing the things I love and happiness with the world, with all of you. And I’ve loved it ever since. More and more every day. And let me tell you, 2017 is going to be a good year, a big one. I have a lot of things planned, a lot of them are just about to happen, so stay tuned. I hope you’re as excited as me. And until then, I wish you all the most amazing christmas and a beautiful time with your loved ones. Oh and if you want to, I’d be really excited to hear what you are all doing this christmas. I’m actually flying home today and I’m soooo excited, oh my god. So, I’ll “see” you all next week. Happy holidays and merry christmas. And as always, thanks for reading. x  hohoho


Ps: Snow is actually falling on my blog, how freaking cute is that? Oh my god

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