Mum is here

Hola everyone.

Sooo, I just wanted to inform you guys that I don’t have anything to tell you… Okay, but seriously, of course I would have something, but actually I’m not really feeling it. Probably, and here comes the good news, because my mum is here. She just got here yesterday in the evening and will stay with me until Sunday, so we’ll spend the whole weekend together here in Berlin. I. Can’t. Wait.


I’m extremely happy that she’s here. And when she’s back at home, I’ll follow her shortly afterwards (five days after to be exact) and then it’s christmas already. Holy moly. Time just flies by. Crazy.


Anyways, I just wanted to tell you this guys and also that I’m of course going to take my camera with me the whole weekend so you can already look forward to some exciting pictures. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this very short post. Oh and if you want to talk, I’m here. And yes I indeed want to know what you’re all up to this weekend. Speaking of that, I hope you will all have great one. And as always, thanks for reading. x

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