My favorite TV shows

Hola everyone.

As many of you probably know by now, I loved watching TV. But not in that “I have no idea what I’m watching, I’m just watching Tv so I’m doing anything” – type. I embrace the tv shows and movies I watch. I try to get into the story, sympathize with the characters and step into another world for some time. And also, now that I still have one month left until uni starts again, I have a lot of time to do and watch whatever I want. And i thought, why not talk about some of my favorites tv shows of the past years? Let’s go.


  • Gossip Girl
    • I have to say, just in this year, I have watched this show three times already. That’s how much I love this show – I’ve already talked about that in another post too. I just enjoyed the story and the characters. At first I didn’t really like it that much, but it got better and better. And I think this is one of those shows you just have to see. It’s a must. Also, I love Blair.


  • How I Met Your Mother
    • This one of the shows I started with – my TV show obsession. I always watched it after school when I got home and I got so into the story, I just couldn’t stop. And Ted and his friends were just too cool. And then the show got better and better and story got deeper and deeper and I had to cry more and more. And seriously, the last three episodes killed me. I cried so much. Please go and watch this show. It’s funny and emotional. And just perfect. You won’t regret it.


  • Scrubs
    • Another perfect example for a perfect tv show. God, how did I love watching this. I laughed from the first second on. And I wished to be friends with all of them. Oh and I even once met Zach Braff in London, which just tops it all. I juts love how they put super funny and crazy characters together with an at the end really serious and good story. Well done guys. Another must, for real.


  • Downton Abbey
    • I started watching this with my mum in February and currently we have two episodes left and then it’s over. And god, that was a rough trip, seriously. And I loved every second of it. This is my portion of Englishness every now and then and I couldn’t live without it anymore. Also, it’s crazy to see how the nobility and the servants lived together.


  • New Girl
    • I have always loved this show with all of my heart. And it made me so jealous. Because Jess lives together with most crazy and funny people ever. Oh god, what would I do to live in that apartment. It’s so much fun watching them, how funny must it be to live in such an apartment. I’m really glad that this show exists, it brought a lot of laughter and happiness into my life.


  • American Horror Story
    • This is like a horror movie, just that it’s a super creepy and sometimes really really really disgusting and gory tv show. For real, sometimes my parents walk past the tv while I’m watching it and ask me what the hell I’m watching while somebody is being eaten alive on the screen. But actually, the show is amazing. I love how the stories are always different from season to season. And how the actors stay the same. And I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming sixth season.


  • Cougar Town
    • I just started watching this show about three weeks ago – but I knew it before already – and I looooove it. My mum does too. Mainly because Jules and her son are exactly like my mum and me. Just that the crazy friends in our kitchen are missing. It’s so stupid and funny and crazy and watching it makes me so freaking happy, seriously. If any of you get the chance to watch this, I highly recommend it. Really.


So, there you go. These are pretty much my favorite TV shows of all time. And I still watch all of them until today. And I couldn’t enjoy all of them more. I really love them all. And I’m happy that they exist, because they bring a lot of happiness into my life. And they can turn a bad day into a good one. If any of you are into tv shows as much as me, I’d love to talk to you. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always, thanks for reading. x

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