Hola everyone.

Today is a special day because today I’ll talk about a serious topic. The topic that is called generation, this generation to be exactly. my generation. Those people who are teens right now, exploring the world and themselves.


I’m sure it happens to every generation that the older generations talk about them, but I feel like there’s a general bad feeling coming up when people talk about the people of this generation. We are those teens without motivation. We only care about superficial things. We dream too much (how’s that even possible?). And we don’t respect the older generations and other, mostly older people like we should.


I know what you’re thinking right now. Is this a joke? But it’s certainly not, unfortunately. And while I’m of the opinion that this couldn’t be any more false, I want to explore my generation for myself, because nobody knows who and how we are better than someone form that exact generation.


First of all, we have motivation. Okay, not THAT much motivation, but it depends about the goals and things we are talking about here. If I have to write a five page essay about the ways a company does its accounting, I will for sure not be motivated, at least not as motivated as other people might except me to be. But if I have to write a five pages essay about fashion and trends in order to get it printed in a magazine, I will be so motivated that I’ll finish the essay in an hour. So it really depends. We are motivated. A lot, really. Because we dream. We dream a lot. About our wishes, goals and the future. We just don’t want to earn money by doing a job that we actually hate. The fun and the love for the job is just more important than the money and people need to understand that.


A few decades ago it was important to earn money, because it was needed. But today fun and happiness and motivation and passion are becoming more and more important. I know, there are a lot of also young people out there who need money more than just badly, but I’m talking about those people who can actually chose where to work and what to do with their future.


I think there’s a reason why being a blogger or a youtuber are full-time jobs. People just found a way to turn their hobby into their job and I think that’s more than amazing. Because they will never be unhappy with it, at least I hope so. Today we have so many more choices to make, ways to choose, decisions to take and possibilities that are available. That wouldn’t have been possible in the earlier years. But it is today.


And of course we don’t only care about superficial things, actually they are becoming less important every second. Family, friends, achieving dreams and goals, having a good education, happiness, love and being happy with the person we are and we have become, those are things that really matter. Like REALLY. I know, we like to wear nice clothes, have a good smartphone and live in a nice place, but at the end of the day, those things don’t matter as much as other people would think.


And yes, we respect the older generations. Because we know that they have experienced far more than we have. And because they are those people who hand us over the responsibility for the planet when the time has come. Yes, there mistakes have been made, but I’m sure we can all turn this around and onto the way to a positive end.


Actually, I like the situation how it is right now, because my generation and for example the generation of my parents slowly become one, also through the social media and all of that. Of course, it’s annoying when your parents won’t listen to you because they are far more interested in their Facebook feed they have already seen about 10 times now, but it’s still some kind of come-together. And I like that.


My generation isn’t a bad one. We aren’t perfect, that’s for sure. But we are young and we already know a lot. We (mostly) know what we want, we dream, we think in a positive way and we fight for a better world. A lot of things are changing right now, people’s views are getting broader, the hearts are becoming more and more open. We are the ones who will rule the world in a few years and try to care for it as good as we can. And I think we can do it, I really do.

I hope you enjoyed this post, really. It’s an important topic for me, so I’d really like to know your opinion on this one. So don’t hesitate to talk to me. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x

Posted by:Laura

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