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Hola everyone.

So, I have this special habit of checking the website of my local cinema, to see if they updated it and added some cool new movies they will be screening.


The thing is, sometimes, when I have the time, I go on youtube and literally watch every single new movie trailer that looks interesting to me. So I know every movie before they even appear on the cinema website, which means I wait until they put those movies up that I want to see. Sometimes I’m lucky and they do it. Sometimes I’m not and the movie is too “special” to play in a local cinema, although it literally the biggest cinema in the whole federal state. But whatever.


Anywayyyy, as I’m so into movies and trailers and all the crazy amazing movies that are just waiting to be screened this year, I thought why not present you those movies I’m mostly looking forward to. Those movies I literally can’t wait to watch. My favorites of 2016. Enjoy.


  • Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

(I’m sooooo excited for that one)

  • Warcraft – The Beginning

(seriously, I don’t know anything about the game but it looks so cool and full of action)

  • Finding Dory

(I loved Finding Nemo, so I think I’ll love this one too)

  • Suicide Squad

(I never watched Batman or movies that superhero universe, but I think I’ll like this one, it looks amazing)

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass

(the first part was amazing and I think this one will be even better)

  • Doctor Strange

(it’s a Marvel movie, what else should I say?)

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

(it plays in the fantastic Harry Potter world, which is basically my childhood, so yeah, please hurry up movie)

  • Lights Out

(I think this one will actually be the scariest movie of this year; I mean, everyone was afraid of the dark when they were younger and this movie will bring back that fear all over again)

  • High Rise

(the trailer looks strange, but cool, so I’m really curious to see what it’s about)

  • Hello My Name is Doris

(oh god, this is literally the perfect mother-daughter movie)

  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

(the trailer looks so cool, I just have to watch the movie)

  • The Founder

(Michael Keaton is such an amazing actor and I always wanted to know the story of McDonalds, although I’m not the biggest fan of it, and this movie is all about that)

  • Swiss Army Man

(I love Daniel Radcliffe, so I’ll give this pretty strange looking movie a go; I’m really excited about it)

  • Snowden

(honestly, I don’t know much about this whole Snowden story, but the trailer looks so thrilling that I just need to know more – see more)

  • The Dressmaker

(I just love fashion and this one looks really cool with amazing actors)

  • Pets

(pretty much the funniest animation trailer I’ve ever seen)

  • Café Society

(I love Woody Allen movie, there’s nothing more to say)

  • Touched With Fire

(I watched the trailer yesterday and it looks really interesting and made me curious, so I’d really like to watch that movie)

  • The Lady in the Van

(I just love Maggie Smith and English movies and movies that have a true story imbedded and this movie combines all of that perfectly)

  • Before I Wake

(another really scary looking horror movie with an original story and idea)

  • Kill Your Friends

(that’s one of those movies you watch the trailer of, think “what the hell was that???” and then just HAVE to see the movie)

  • Demolition

(I’m a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and the movie looks interesting too, so I really want to see that one)

  • The Purge 3: Election Year

(the first and second part were freaking amazing, so it’s a must for me)

  • The Meddler

(another perfect mother-daughter movie, seriously)

  • Louder Than Bombs

(one of those drama movies that I really want to watch, although I’m more into horror and action)


There you, those are my upcoming favorites of 2016, so I’m REALLY looking forward to these movies. Unfortunately, I have the feeling that most of the movies won’t be played in the local cinema, but I can still look out for the in the city, so we’ll see. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and found some movies you are interested it. If any of you want to talk about movies or anything else, I’m here, and until then, as always, thanks for reading x


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