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Hola everyone.

And welcome to another week. I hope, so far, your Monday has been great and that you’re all doing good. I’m currently sitting in my room at home in London, typing this, while my playlist (link here) is playing in the background. Unfortunately I’ve been ill the past few days, so this is how I’ve spent most of my time. Also a reason why I woke up today not really having a plan of what to write about. But then I remembered this one series that I started a few months ago and I immediately knew what I had to do. So, once again, the time has come to celebrate the amazingness that is photography and all the fantastic photographers behind these works of art that we, as human beings and art lovers, like to hang up in our rooms, look at and maybe even create ourselves. That’s also part of the reason why photography is such a phenomenal art form – it doesn’t exclude. There are no rules that decide what is good and what is bad. Everyone can do anything with a camera or a phone or any technical device that includes a camera. Photography is open to everyone and anyone and that’s why I love it so much.


Obviously, as with any sector that includes humans and requires them doing something, there are a few people that are especially talented and fantastic at what they’re doing. This also goes for photography. In my past posts of this series, I’ve introduced you to the incredible Brad Heaton (click me) and the unbelievable Will Darbyshire (click me too). Both of these creative minds are artists I look up to and admire with my whole being. And today, I would like to introduce you to another uber-amazing photographer. Today, it is my honour, to introduce you to the fantastic Brittany O’Brien, who I got to know through my love for the awesome band Hippo Campus. Ever since then, I’ve been following her account on Instagram and, let me just say, when it comes to music photography, she’s definitely one of the best out there.


Her way of catching moments and seconds through the camera lens and turning them into pieces of art is absolutely incredible. I’m especially in love with tour shots, but not from the concerts themselves but from moments besides the gigs. When they are just sitting around, maybe having dinner, lying in the grass outside. Normal stuff. I don’t know why, but they intrigue me the most. Besides that, Brit also does film photography, which I probably don’t have to explain why I’m a big, big fan of that. So, all in all, I’m so, so happy that I get to tell you about this amazing woman and her phenomenal art.


And so, without further ado, let’s get to the most important part – the pictures. I dearly hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. All of them were taken during the last Hippo Campus tour (I got them from Brit’s official page, all credits go to her, of course). And yeah, what can I say – I just love them. Please enjoy.




If you want to find out more about Brit or simply can’t get enough of her pics, here are the links to her website and her Instagram. And yeah, please also let me know what you thought/think about this post, so please don’t hesitate to leave your comments down below. And, as always, I wish you all a nice week and thanks for reading. x

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