Hola everyone.

Guys, you are not going to believe what happened two days ago. So, I was sat in my flat, minding my own business, scrolling through my Instagram feed and then I saw it. A new picture by Panic! at the Disco. And at first I was like “oh cool, a new pic, looks amazing”. But it looked too good. Too good to be just another pic like the others. No no no. So I looked at the description and then I saw it. It really wasn’t just a normal pic, it was the freaking album cover for the new freaking album called “Pray for the Wicked” that will be out at the 22nd of June. I almost threw my phone.


What I love the most about this is how it all happened out of nowhere. I mean, I noticed that Brendon was doing new shows in America and the headlining part at Reading/Leeds festival this year was also quite conspicuous, but I just thought that those were shows for fun. But oh wow, I was so wrong. And that just added up to my shock/surprise. And I love surprises. Even more if they include a new album by one of my favorite artists.


But it didn’t end there, no no. Of course I immediately went online and saw that the new album wasn’t the only surprise. In a matter of about five hours, Panic! had released not only one, but two new songs, one even with a music video to go together and they had announced a new tour (no european tour dates so far, so stay tuned). And just to mention it, the video for “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” is freaking amazing and excuse me, but Brendon is so attractive, he could be on fire and it still wouldn’t top his hotness. Holy moly. That immediately reminded me of when I saw him live in Berlin. Don’t be fooled guys, that hotness doesn’t only exist in the cinematic universe of this video. No. You know, Brendon is that kind of guy that just lights up a room. He just takes over the whole room. And he knows it, he knows of his attractiveness. I mean, look at him, of course he does.


But before I brabble on and on about the video and Brendon, just take a look and see for yourself:



Apart from the pretty freaky video, which is a prequel of “This is Gospel” and “Emperor’s New Clothes“, by the way, the song is so fantastic. I can’t really explain why, but it just sounds so epic to me. Like really really epic. Also, it’s pretty much the coolest song for a Saturday night (well duh).


The second song they released is titled “(Fuck A) Silver Lining“, which between those two has to be my favorite so far. I just can’t get past the cherries on top part, it’s just too cute. Also, it sounds quite happy which makes me happy, so of course I have to love it.



But all two songs are mindblowingly good. I don’t know how Brendon’s voice just keeps getting better and better. I mean, he sounds like a literal angel – which he actually is, as some might say. I’m just really really glad that they (he) are finally back with new music and that it was also such a pleasant surprise. I seriously can’t wait to hear the full album. And of course I need to attend the tour, I want to, I have to.


So yeah guys, that just happened. I would be very interested in hearing some of your opinions about the new Panic! music, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. And, as always, I hope you’re all doing good and I wish you all an amazing weekend. And of course thanks for reading. x

Ps: Before I forget it, I also wanted to tell you guys that I won’t be uploading any posts next week, as I’m celebrating my 22nd birthday next Monday and am then flying to London to see Fall Out Boy, which I’m more than excited about. So please stay tuned for some cool postings about this trip. Until then I wish you all the best.

Posted by:Laura

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