The Results Are Here

Hola everyone.

I can’t believe I’m really telling you guys this. Guess what? The results of my IELTS exam came and I’m not joking if I say that I cried when I first saw them.


But, first things first. As you all probably know, on the 25th of November, I finally took my IELTS exam. It’s the test that determines your language level in English, which you have to take in order to be able to apply for a university in the UK. And as this is my plan and dream, the exam was a must for me. Generally you need to achieve an overall level of 6.5 or 6 with at least 6 in every single band – listening, reading, writing and speaking. And as I seriously had no idea how strict they would grade the exam, I really did try my best and prepare and study for it. Also, I have to thank IELTS and the British Council for providing such an awesome online learning platform, it really helped me with preparing for the test and I’d recommend it over and over again.


But now the most important part. For me, personally, the exam wasn’t exactly that hard. But also surely because I really did prepare for it. I had the speaking part one day before the written exam and I actually really enjoyed it. It was cool to chat for a few minutes, but of course I was nervous too.


I’d say that the writing part was the hardest one for me. Mainly because I’m just not used to writing in such a business-like style, interpreting graphs and so on. But apart from that it was pretty cool. I mean, I think I never took an exam that was planned to such a detail. I mean, there weren’t even bottles of juice allowed, because there could maybe be something in the bottle. How crazy is that?


But, enough of that. Without further ado, here are my results:

Overall: 8.0

Writing: 7.5

Reading: 9.0

Listening: 8.0

Speaking: 8.0


Guys, I seriously can’t believe it. I can’t even describe how happy I am. I mean, this means that I am now able to apply for university. And this feels so honest and real now and on the one side I’m actually so scared, but on the other side I could cry for hours because I’m so happy. This really means the world to me. And I’m really proud of myself, for achieving those results. Seriously. I’m so happy, oh my god.


So yeah guys, there you go. Here are my results. I’m so happy that I get to share them with you. I can’t wait to apply for university. I hope you enjoyed this post guys and I wish you all an amazing week. And, as always, thanks for reading. x

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