Let’s get cooking

Hola everyone.

Today I’d like to talk about something I myself am and probably the whole population (at least I hope so) is very passionate about. Food and cooking.


I just love cooking. And food. I mean, of course. It’s food. How can you not love food? But according to other people, cooking and food are two completely different and separate things. And I in some points have to agree. And this may come as a shock now, but sometimes I truly enjoy the cooking part more than the eating one. Super crazy, I know. But I just love it so freaking much.


But actually I think the whole cooking aspect and the huge interest for food pretty much lie in my genes. My mum is a professional health manager, dietologist and vegan nutritionist. And it was always normal for us to cook meals at home. So it was always normal for me to think about food and the ways you can work with it and turn it into amazing, super delicious meals. That’s the most fascinating aspect of cooking. For example, you take a plain potato and just by boiling it and then frying it in butter in a pan you can turn it into one of the tastiest pieces of food ever. I mean, who doesn’t love fried potatoes with ketchup? Everyone. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities in cooking are literally endless and that’s what I love so much about it. It’s so creative.


I actually know quite a lot of people who don’t cook themselves and it shocks and surprises me every single time. Because cooking is such a big part of my life and such a big hobby of mine. It’s something I do to calm down. I forget everything around me. And it makes me so happy. I even have my own Spotify playlist just for when I’m cooking. I think that says it all, right?


But of course I understand that some people just don’t get so often in touch with food as I do. And most of the time those people actually want to cook and want to learn how to do it. An here comes my tip for everyone who wants to start cooking – find yourself someone, preferably a cook of course, who inspires you. That special person was Jamie Oliver for me. Besides my mum and my grandma, of course. But Jamie is and always has been my biggest idol when it comes to cooking. I still have no idea how he does it, but somehow this guy can take a plain carrot and peas and turn them into the most beautiful dish you will ever lay your eyes upon. I mean, even just a bowl full of cabbage looks mouthwatering beautiful in his books. Plain cabbage. Seriously? Jamie, please teach me your ways. And besides that, all of his recipes are just so damn inspiring and creative and tasty. Whenever I’m looking for a nice meal to cook, I usually just search for something on this website, because he and his recipes never let me down. And judging from all the videos and articles I’ve seen from him, he seems like the nicest person ever. And his kitchens in his TV shows are always literally kitchen goals. I know they are sets, but I have no doubt that his kitchen at home looks just as amazing or even better.


Okay, so that’s that. But in order to not just repeat myself in a post I’ve already written, I thought, as I’ve been cooking quite a lot in the past months, I’d share my favorite meals with you guys. Let’s go.


  • Pasta with tomato sauce and tuna
    • This is literally my go-to comfort food and I usually cook it at least every two weeks if not even more often. Also it’s pretty easy too. Just grab your favorite noodles and favorite tomato sauce, elevate them and make them tasty and there you have it – super fast and easy comfort food for all you pasta lovers out there.
  • Mashed potatoes with pretty much anything
    • This is the kind of meal that I immediately associate with my home. Mashed potatoes is the meal my mum raised me with, because she never wanted to feed me those typical baby food glasses. So she just made her own. And since then her mashed potatoes are the best mashed potatoes I will ever eat in my entire life. Nothing can beat the love of a mother.
  • Ramen or Pho
    • Here comes the asian aspect of my culinary favorites list. I actually had my first Ramen last summer, in Brighton at the local Wagamamas. It was a seafood ramen and the moment I tasted it, my life changed. Since then I’ve been on the mission of finding the best ramen / pho in the world. Right now my favorite is the bowl you get at the popular restaurant called Monsieur Vuong in Berlin. It’s freaking amazing. If you ever get to Berlin, you need to check by this awesome restaurant.
  • An amazing salad
    • Since I’ve been living on my own here, I’ve discovered my special love for a good salad. The important part is the dressing. If the dressing is good, I could eat tons and tons of salad. Like caesars dressing. Oh my god. So good. So yeah, I’m one of those people who actually love eating salads. But not for the healthy aspect, but because I could just bury myself in a good salad. Oh and of course the more colorful and freaky the salad is and the more various ingredients are in it, like fruit or nuts, the better.
  • Any kind of rustic stews
    • Yeah, I love stews. Comfort food right there and then. I mean, what’s easier than chopping vegetables, putting them into a pot of soup and just waiting for them to cook? That’s pretty easy. Seriously. And it’s literally one of my favorite dishes to cook in winter when it’s cold and rainy outside and I know that I can later curl up on the sofa with a nice, hot bowl of stew. What a dream.
  • Pasta, pasta and more pasta
    • I’ve already mentioned one of my favorite pasta dishes, but let’s be honest. It’s pasta. How could you not love pasta? And what else should I say? It’s pasta. It even tastes freaking amazing just by adding butter to it.


So, there you go guys. That’s my love for cooking and some of my favorite dishes. Honestly, I could go on and on and on with babbling about food and my most beloved meals, but I think it’s better to stop now. And I mean, I haven’t even started about my love for baking and desserts. God. Desserts. But I guess I’ll have to save this for another day, another post. Until then I hope you enjoyed this little one here. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below so we can all talk about who much we love food. How amazing does that sound? That would be my favorite discussion ever. And yeah, besides that I wish you all an amazing week and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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