Hello 2020

Hola everyone.

Happy new yeaaaar. (Oh my god, I’m so late, I can’t even believe it.) I hope you all are doing good and that you had a fantastic Christmas break and a great New Year’s Eve/Day and so on.


First of all, I want to apologize for being gone for so long. Like many others, I went home for the holidays and thus didn’t really have the time to focus on this blog. I mean, I’m sure I could’ve just posted some stuff, but this blog means way too much to me to post some mediocre content just for the sake of uploading something. That’s definitely not what this blog is about. But now that I’m back in London, I finally have the time again to sit down and write again.


As a little update on my behalf – the time I got to spend at home was absolutely fantastic. I mean, it was so lovely that for the first time in forever, I actually feel a bit homesick now that I’m back in the UK and away from home and my family. That’s how beautiful it was. I met up with my friends and my family, celebrated Christmas and New Years with them and went on a short holiday to Croatia with my parents and Molly. I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie with Peaches in my arms, went on countless walks with my mum and Molly, won and lost at card games, cooked delicious meals for my parents and overall just had a really really nice time. I really love my home. And I can’t wait to go back again in March.


Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m not happy to be back in London after that month at home. Not at all. I think it will just take a bit of time for me to get into my routine here again. Go back to uni and work. Meet up with my friends and go to the cinema together. All the stuff I couldn’t do while being at home. And I truly am looking forward to the upcoming few weeks and months. I love it here, I really do. And I’ve already got so many exciting adventures and events planned, that there isn’t even any other option than to fully enjoy my time in London.


These plans also include this blog, which I really want to get rolling again now that I’m back. I still owe all of you my list of my favourite songs of 2019 and I’m thinking about doing a cute, little “goodbye 2019”-post, to basically reflect on the year and talk about the good (and bad) stuff. So I’m definitely going to write that. And maybe I’ll write a little thing about Tom’s gig that I went to at the beginning of December, the day before I went back home, which, unsurprisingly, was absolutely fantastic. Tom really never fails to blow me away.


Regarding today’s post, the one you’re reading right now (thanks for being here, btw), I thought it would be nice to just welcome the new year in. 2020 has arrived and with it a lot of things to look forward to, but also a few things that I would rather not have in this world. Australia is on fire, the USA (Trump) is trying very hard to start a fight with Iran and other countries and besides that, there’s just a lot of stuff happening that definitely doesn’t put a smile on my face (or any face, really). And I know that might make everything and the start of 2020 look a bit dark, but especially in situations like these, it’s crucial to focus on the good stuff. On all the things that actually do make you smile. The ones that are worth thinking of. Naturally, it’s very important to not just ignore today’s issues, but there are still ways to think positive while dealing with them. For example, I donated some money to the Wildlife Rescue Center in Australia. And the moment I did it, it lifted my heart a bit, because I was at least trying to help. So no matter how bad it might seem, there are always ways to help and make things better. And that’s kind of also my mantra for 2020 – to focus on the good stuff and try to do good as well. Say no to bad vibes. Or at least try to turn them into good ones.


I truly hope that you are all doing good and that you’re as excited for this year as I am. And maybe also for the comeback of this blog after the short hiatus. I am incredibly happy to be back and I can’t wait to continue sharing my adventures, stories, and thoughts with you guys. 2020 is going to be a blast, I can already feel it. So let’s all make sure it really will be. As always, I’d be super happy to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And, of course, I hope you enjoyed this post, wish you a nice week and thanks for reading. x

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