The Night of Saint Raymond

Hola everyone.

And welcome back to another week and another concert review. First of all, don’t even act as if you’re shocked, you all knew that concert season had begun. And yep, that’s just the beginning, so get ready for more of this in the future (*cough* Twenty One Pilots *cough*). But until then let me tell you about the very special Friday I got to spend with the very special Callum Burrows, aka Saint Raymond, aka the one guy I’ve been waiting to see live again for nearly five years. And now it finally happened. FINALLY.


But before I get fully into this, let me first introduce you to Callum. Most of you, who’ve been following me for quite some time will probably know him as the amazing support that I got to see before Ed in 2014. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The first support came on, my friend and I got a bit bored and wished for nothing else but a more exciting, upbeat second support. And then Callum came on and we felt like all of our prayers had been heard. He was so damn good. The next day, after Ed’s show, despite all beliefs, I wasn’t listening to Ed, no, I was listening to ‘Ghosts’ by Callum, over and over again. I just couldn’t get enough of it. And since then I’ve been wanting to see this amazing British singer-songwriter live again. And last Friday the day had finally come.



First of all, I have to say that I’ve never ever in my life before encountered such a loud and also partly rude audience. I mean, it was literally perfect when Callum came on stage, because the whole room suddenly turned into one big choir, myself included. But when I think about Nick Wilson, his support, I just thought they were all really rude because they literally didn’t shut up. Like, I had trouble actually hearing him and the room was freaking tiny. I know this shouldn’t really part of a concert review, but I see something like this as a lack of respect for the artist and Nick really didn’t deserve that. He was so so good and the perfect support for Callum. I really loved his voice and I hope he gets some more attention in the future.


So far about the beginning of the show. But like I said, as soon as Callum came on, it was perfect. Again, I’ve never ever encountered such a loud crowd. But in a good way. Because it led to Callum looking like literally the happiest person on earth. The moment he came on stage he broke out into a huge grin and he didn’t stop smiling until he went off again. And he didn’t even really stop there, because when I chatted to him for a bit afterwards, he was still so happy. And I was so happy because he was so happy. It was just so damn cute. And I know it meant a lot to him because the tour he is on right now is his first one since November last year and he told me that he was still a bit nervous, which made it all even cuter. I’m still so happy for him.


And about the show overall – I don’t even know what to say. He’s just so damn good at what he’s doing. And it felt so good to finally see him again after all this time. I still remembered all the lyrics, even those of songs I hadn’t listened to for a bit of time, and when he played ‘Ghosts’ it immediately brought me back to that very morning after Ed’s show. It was such a special moment. And, I can just repeat myself, Callum just seemed so happy and the audience was so happy as well and then his amazing voice on top of that just turned the night into a perfect show. I already miss him so much, but I’m also so looking forward to his new album that’s currently in the making and for his tour, that’s going to go with it. And until then I’ll just listen to his already released stuff and reminisce about this amazing concert.


And when it comes to you guys, who’re reading this now, I can just recommend you to give this fantastic artist a listen. You won’t regret it, I promise. Callum really is special and he deserves every single piece of attention he can get and so much more. I’m so excited for what’s planned for him in the future and I’d love for you all to be part of the journey. As always, I’d also love to hear your thoughts and comments about anything and everything and I really hope you enjoy this post. And, of course, I wish you all a great week and thanks for reading. x


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