London Calling

Hola everyone.

Can you believe that it’s already been a month since I moved to Brighton? How crazy is that? It’s been a month and I still can’t get my head around the fact that this is all really happening. I mean, after all these years of working my butt off for this, I am now truly living in the UK. Please excuse me while I freak out for a bit.


But you know, it’s not just that I live in the UK. No no. There’s another huge detail that really blows my mind. You know, living in Brighton does have its own perks. I live right next to the sea, everyone is nice and happy and the city is bursting with cuteness and quirkiness. But that’s not everything. The biggest perk of them all is that within two hours, I can be in my favorite city on the planet – London. It’s literally a train ride away. A train ride that I took this weekend, which is exactly what I want to tell you all about today.


Before I get started – do you think it’s possible to marry a city? If yes, could I please marry London? The second I got off the train, I had to stop myself from crying happy tears because I felt so lucky and thankful to be at this place. Just the simple fact of being there made me so happy that I didn’t even need anything else. That must be love, right?


When I got there, I started my tour off by visiting Buckingham Palace (of course) – and yes, the Queen was indeed home – and then chilled a bit in St. James Park. The luck was on my side, because the weather couldn’t have been any better. It was sunny and warm and it seemed like everyone was the happiest they could have been. Also, it was so funny to hear people talk in German again, I’m so not used to that anymore. After that I went to Westminster Abbey to pay good old Benny a little visit, just to see him all packed up due to a restoration. My tour then continued with a walk to Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Soho, Chinatown and Oxford Street. And I have to say, I loved every single second of it. But the funniest part of those hours I got to spend in London was that I actually had nothing planned at all and still everything I could’ve hoped for just came flowing right at me. I got to Chinatown totally by accident, I didn’t even know where I was heading to. I walked into the one Wagamama I needed to go to get this one special meal I wanted to try, without even knowing it was that exact one. And last but not least I ended up standing next to the one and only Bill Nighy on my walk back to the train station, which funnily enough is also the second time I met him in London. All of those amazing things happened to me without having planned any of them and that’s what made it all even more special.


I have now been to London about six times (I guess) and I fall more and more in love with this city every single time I visit it. I’ve never really lived there, but when I’m there I feel like I’m home. It’s like me and this city were made for each other. And apart from that, it’s just so damn beautiful, I can’t enough of it.


And now I’ll stop myself from raving even more about this utterly perfect city and will let the pictures I took do the rest of the talking. At the end I can just recommend all of you guys to visit London once in your life (or more), you won’t regret it, I swear. And until then I hope you enjoy this little ramble about my favorite place and the pictures. Please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below. As always, I hope you’re all doing good and I wish you all a great week. And, of course, thanks so much for reading. x


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