Taking pictures with my camera

Hola everyone.

So, as some of you may have noticed, on my last post I focused on the photographic ability of my iPhone. I went out and about and took pictures with my phone and as I already mentioned in that post, I was seriously pleasantly surprised. They turned out far better than I had imagined. Actually, the looked pretty amazing. Here’s the post if you want to check it out – click me.


And in addition to that post, I thought I’d now make a post to directly compare those pictures with ones I’ve taken with my professional camera. I again went out into my garden and took some shots of the nature around me. As you can see down below, unfortunately I couldn’t always take the same pictures as the ones I took with my phone, mostly because everything had already changed so much and other plants and flowers had started to bloom. And as you can probably guess, it would have also been pretty boring to just take the same pictures over and over again. Bye bye artistic creativity, am I right? But I of course also tried to take some similar shots of the same flowers, so we can directly compare them.


As you can see at the pictures, the main difference between the pictures I took with my iPhone and the one I took with my Sony Alpha 6000 camera is the sharpness of the pics. You can clearly see everything in the pics, even the smallest petals and their structures. But personally, I don’t even mind that my phone isn’t able to take pictures with such a high definition, because then I wouldn’t need my camera, which I would never give away. I love it too much and I want a reason to use it. Apart from that I think that all over, the vibes of the photo series are completely different. The iPhone ones look chilled, they’re more blurry. They’re basically pics you see on Instagram. And with my camera they just look professional, which they also are, of course. They just seem like someone put more effort into making them. I don’t know, that’s just my perception.


But what do you think? Which pictures do you enjoy more? I’m really curious to hear your thoughts and opinions, so please don’t hesitate to leave them down below. And until then I hope you enjoy these pictures and that you’re doing good. And, as always, I wish you a nice weekend and thanks for reading. x


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