My New Years Resolutions

Hola everyone.

The new year is literally just around the corner and in prospect of this I’ve been thinking pretty much about 2017 and what I achieved and what I’d like 2018 to be like and what my goals are.


I have to say that 2017 has been a pretty crazy year for me. I mean, I started off the year with my last month of living in Berlin and then I got back and continued university and recently I found this amazing university course in the UK and just an hour ago I started applying for it. I mean, how crazy is that? And I flew to Zürich to see Ed and then to Amsterdam to see Martijn. And I got to visit three new cities in the UK – Liverpool, Blackpool and Manchester – and flew to Paris with my mum and got a new, unbelievably beautiful tattoo there. I just started writing my first Bachelor thesis and I’ve just got this semester until February and then the last one and then I’ll be already finished with my Bachelor in Vienna. I seriously can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. And apart from all these huge things, I accomplished so much more and made so many more experiences and and and. I met new people, started new friendships, had quite an amount of exams, attended looots of concerts and started a job as a magazine journalist. I cried a lot but laughed even more. Went on many adventures and got out of my comfort zone. And when I look back at it, I don’t think I’d change anything (apart from all the bad stuff that happened and is happening in the world right now, but let’s not get started on that).


But there is a new year coming up and I want it to be a new start, a new beginning. A new year to meet goals, turn dreams into reality and so so much more. So I thought why not make a list of my personal new years resolutions? Let’s go.


  • I really want to stay the optimist I am – it doesn’t work all the times, but sometimes it’s the only thing that brightens up a shitty day
  • I want to dive even deeper into the topic of my heart – music.
  • I want to experience more, learn more, see more, hear more, feel more.
  • I want to meet new people, new cities, new cultures.
  • I want to get even more out of my comfort zone. Of course it’s scary, but those are the moments life turns from good to exciting.
  • I want to stay healthy.
  • I want laugh louder, cry harder and live every moment to its fullest.
  • I want to show the people around me that I love them and that they literally mean the world to me, because they all deserve it.
  • I want to go to as many concerts/festivals as I can – those are my happy places and I’m kind of addicted, so…
  • I want to read even more books, listen to even more songs and bands and watch even more movies.
  • I want to meet up with my friends and family as often as I can. I know it’s hard, because we all have our own lives and own tasks and jobs and so on, but when I look back I don’t remember the hours I spent scrolling through twitter on my phone, I remember the evenings I spent with my friends, drinking a Chai Latte and laughing about stories of when we were young.
  • I want to stop pressuring myself so much. I know I’m a perfectionist and that’s actually something I like about myself, but that changes when I start treating myself badly.
  • I want to continue working as hard as I do now or even harder (I know this kind of doesn’t go with the resolution above, but I’m sure there is a way to combine those two things).
  • I want to cuddle even more with my family and my pets.
  • I want to take even more pictures, cook more meals and maybe find a new fascinating hobby I can be passionate about.
  • I want to try out new things and new activities, maybe some kind of sport or something like that.
  • I want to try and start being punctual – this is actually the toughest aspect of this list, I am literally never punctual.
  • I want to go to sleep earlier and change my sleeping schedule – it’s slightly getting out of hand right now.
  • I want to be nicer to the people I love, I want to forgive more and stop freaking out because of little, stupid things I will probably have forgotten about an hour later.
  • I want to finish my Bachelor and try to get the best grades possible.
  • I want to nail my two Bachelor theses.
  • I want to keep faith and believe in myself, even when the times are hard and I feel like everything is getting too much (like now, when my to-do-list is literally far too long – I can do it and I know it).
  • I want to get into BIMM (the university in the UK) and find the cutest little flat ever.
  • I want to continue being this curious and childish and easily excited and funny.
  • I want to love more.
  • I want to continue writing this blog, as I love it so much that I can’t even describe it.


So guys, there you go. Those are my new years resolutions or let’s say those that I can think of right now. I’m pretty sure I could come up with about a hundred more if I had more time. But I want to try and make every single one of them and stick to them. Mostly because they all mean quite a lot to me. And I think this way 2018 can’t be anything but another amazing year.

But guys, what are your new years resolutions? Do you even have some? And do you stick to them? This is actually my very first time of writing them down like this, so wish me luck. And guys, I wish you all a happy new year and I hope you’re all doing good. I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for 2017. It’s been an amazing year and I’m more than thankful that I could spend and share it with all of you. Thank you. And, as always, thanks for reading. Here’s to 2018. x

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