New Music Friday

Hola everyone.

Well, as it is Friday and the first day of autumn (yey), I thought I’d start this weekend and new season of with a quite chilled post. And what could be more chilled than music? So, welcome to another New Music Friday.


The past weeks I’ve been basically listening to what I’m usually listening to – indie music, some punk rock, some EDM to get me in the mood for the Amsterdam Dance Event next month and of course some nice, slow music à la Ed and many more. Oh and as the new Nothing But Thieves album just came out, I’ve of course been listening to this mind-blowing LP too. Pretty much nonstop. And like this, I’ve also found some amazing new music – some may not really be this new, but at least it was new to me. You could say that I love every single song on this list and I hope you do too. Please enjoy.


Banners – Firefly

I think Banners is still quite unknown and underrated and guys, this needs to change. Right now. Just listen to this. It’s literally perfect.


Ed Sheeran – Perfect

This is actually Ed’s new single and let me just say one thing – this song will be played at my marriage. That’s fixed already, there’s no arguing about that. I think ed wrote this song for his girlfriend Cherry and just imagine having written this song for you by your boyfriend. Holy moly.


Nothing But Thieves – pretty much everything

Guys, I know I’ve made an entire post about their new album, but please give those guys a listen, really. This video here is a livestream they did for NME and it features pretty much all of my favorite songs of the new album. Also it’s crazy to see how amazing they are live and how funny Conor, the lead singer, is. Such a dork, but so cute.



Martin Garrix – Pizza

Yes, that’s really the title of the song. He just loves Pizza. No joke. But besides the funny name, the song is amazing. Especially the classical instruments at the beginning and the end. I really can’t wait to hear this live next month.


Tom Rosenthal – Bob in the Rain and The Lizard of Hope

Some of you may Tom Rosenthal and his pretty dramatic, but so beautiful type of music. This song here has to be my favorite song of his. You could say that it’s a little bit depressing, but honestly, there’s no better music to listen to when it’s raining outside and your curled up with a cup of tea. Perfect for autumn.


Also, guys, I just found the coolest thing ever. Apparently Tom wrote and recorded a song about Melania Trump and it’s the funniest thing ever. Oh my god. Please check this out.


Fall Out Boy – The Last Of The Real Ones

This is FOBs new song and, yes, I may be missing their old music, but this one is really really good. Besides the music video, which is pretty creepy and weird. What’s up with the Llamas anyway? And why does Pete have to be the victim?


Logic – 1-800-273-8255 (ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid)

This is pretty much one of the most important songs out there right now with one of the most important meanings. At least for me. Especially in combination with the video and guys, just listen to the lyrics. I love how it goes from “I don’t wanna be alive” to “I want you to be alive” and then ends on “I finally wanna be alive”. This development in one song. I mean, that’s just mind-blowing. I think it’s amazing that there are artists out there who shine a light on such important topics like suicide and life and hope and not giving up. It’s so damn important. And this song is such a masterpiece.


So, guys, there you go. I hope you like this small selection of songs I’ve been listening to the past weeks. And please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below, I’m really curious about your opinion. And until then I wish you all an amazing weekend and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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    1. Oh it totally is, isn’t it? 😍 if you like this one you should check out more of his music, he’s fantastic. I’d recommend “Shine A Light”, “Start A Riot” and “Ghosts”. Those are my favorites, but honestly, all of his songs are amazing. 😉

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