Bye Bye 2016

Hola everyone.

Yes, it’s really happening. 2016 is finally leaving us. And to be honest, apart from how amazing this year was for my personal life, it was horrible for the rest of the world. For our society. Our planet. Our system. And we all know why. And what brought us here.


But let’s not focus on the bad things, right? I mean, 2017 is coming. A new year. A new chance to make it better. To do good. To change the world, change our lives. And do whatever makes us happy. And the rest of the world too. Because there is nothing more important than spreading happiness and love and doing good. That’s how we can turn our beautiful mother earth into a better place for us all.


And speaking of that, I also have some new year resolutions:

  • don’t pressure myself so much when it comes to exam
  • still rock my study and university
  • meet new people and make new friends
  • laugh and love more
  • try as hard as I can to fulfill my dreams
  • work on this blog as hard as I can
  • post the most exciting things for you guys
  • spread love
  • cuddle with my babies
  • spend time with my family and my friends
  • do what I love and what makes me happy
  • travel and see the world
  • be a little bit more sporty
  • read more books
  • make other people happy, also you


There they are. I probably have more things I want to work on, some will probably come up through the year. And I will try my best to fulfill them all. And to make myself and everyone in my surroundings as happy as I can. Honestly, this year has been incredible for me. University worked out pretty good. I got my internship in Berlin and for real got to move there. I visited Reading festival with my mum and had the opportunity to see all of my favorite bands. Mum and me travelled to Brighton and to Copenhagen, two of the most beautiful cities ever. I read so many books which was and still is very important to me. I made a lot new friends at Uni. And I started this blog, which still makes me more and mire happy every single day. And a lot more, of course. So many things happened. And so many things will be happening. And I couldn’t be any more excited.


I can only hope that all of you also had an amazing year, apart from all the negative things that happened in this world. And that you are happy. And that you look forward to 2017. And speaking of that, I’d love to hear your new year resolutions, so don’t hesitate to tell me, okay? And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post. And as always, thanks for reading. Here’s to 2017. x

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