I’m going home

Hola everyone.

Yes, it’s true. I am going home. Finally. But before you freak out, no, I’m not quitting my Berlin adventure. There’s no giving up, no matter how much I’d like to be at home and snuggle on my couch with my family and my pets until forever.


Actually I’m just flying home for two days, over the weekend. But even the two days are more than enough. I really just want to be at home. Hug my mum. Cuddle with Peaches until we both fall asleep on the couch with a nonsense movie playing on TV. Go for a walk with Molly. Laugh with my dad. Sleep in my own bed. Just basically live at home, even if it’s just for a really short period of time.


Apart from my homesickness, I’m honestly really happy here in Berlin. I finally could arrange all the technical and organizational stuff and now I can fully concentrate on all the things I want to do and see here. It was really annoying to always have something negative on my mind and now it’s finally gone.


And according to my day counter I installed on my phone, I only have 54 days left. I started at 91 and now we’re already at 54, so nearly halfway through, which is totally crazy. And christmas is just around the corner. Unbelievable.


Oh yeah, speaking of christmas. Two days ago I bought myself my very first christmas gift. From me to me. My ticket for VidCon in Amsterdam next year. I am freaking out. And now, I’m not exaggerating. I am for real going crazy. Because as probably most of you know I’m such a huge fan of Youtube and Youtuber and the lineup is already so good. I mean, Oli White, Jack Maynard, Grace Helbig. And I’m prayiiiing that Markiplier, Connor Franta, Conor (my Concon), Will and maybe even Joe and Caspar will be added to the lineup too. I need to see them, seriously. And honestly, I’d die if Pewds would be there, seriously.


Anyways, I’m really really REALLY happy that I bought the ticket and excited for all the upcoming creators that will be added to the lineup. And I couldn’t be happier to finally go home today. I can’t wait.


So yeah, that was another little update from me. I hope you liked it and please, if you want to chat, just hit me up. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x

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