Hello Berlin

Hola everyone.

It’s happening guys. It’s really happening. And I can’t believe it. I’m seriously moving to Berlin for three months. Holy moly.

I’m seriously having real troubles realizing that this is really happening. I mean, I know some of you guys already know about this if you’ve been following my blog. But I talked about wayyyyy long time ago. And now I’m boarding a plane in 13 hours. It’s currently half past 1 am and I’m sitting on the couch watching YouTube videos and trying to understand all of this crazy stuff.

To be honest, I have both good and bad feelings about this. But I guess that’s normal, I bet on it. I mean, there aren’t a lot of things I’ve ever been this excited for. And this is such a big dream of mine and it’s coming true, which is more than crazy. I’ve been dreaming about and hoping that I could once get the chance to move to a cool city for some time. And I always knew that I wanted to do this. I always wanted to go on such a huge adventure. And now it’s happening. Which makes me so happy that I can’t even describe it. I’m so damn excited.

But on the other side I’m also so freaking nervous. Like, moving to another city, in another country, on my own, completely alone, without having anyone I really know there… It’s more than crazy. And that makes me nervous. Because I’ve never really been alone in my life until now. There was always somebody there. And now I’m on my own. And besides that, leaving my family and my friends and my two pets aka babys is like the hardest thing ever. Especially leaving Peaches behind. Because I can keep in touch with my friends and family, I can talk to them, skype with them and they understand my situation. But how do I tell a cat that her mum isn’t going to be around until christmas? It’s impossible. I mean, I noticed that she can sense that there’s something going on, but who knows what she thinks. I’m just hoping that she won’t be too sad…

So, those are my worries. I’m not scared of being alone, I can easily get used to that. It’s just the newness and everything unknown that’s making me nervous. But I’m 100 percent sure that it’s going to be one of the coolest months in my whole life. Seriously. And I’m so freaking excited to work at the TV company. It’s going to be so awesome. And interesting. I’m already so happy to be able to learn all these new things and see how working there is. It’s going to be so cool. I’m sure.

I seriously can’t wait to learn all this new stuff and start this new chapter and meet new people and make all this new and exciting experiences. And of course I’ll keep in touch with my friends and family as much as I can. Skype and text and stuff. And they will also visit me in Berlin, which is supercool and already makes me happy. And me and mum are going to a Twenty One Pilots concert in Berlin, so my time already starts in the best way possible.


And of course I’ll keep all of you guys updated. Because you can probably all guess by now that my life in Berlin is going to be the main topic for the next three months. So yeah, that’s really happening and I’m just waiting for my brain to realize it. But still, the excitement is overwhelming. Oh and Happy Halloween guys. If any of you want to talk about this or anything else, I’m here. And now even happier to hear from you guys. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post and life update and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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